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Recession? Port Authority Payroll Jumps $15,000,000 In A Year

More than 2,500 Port Authority employees pulled down salaries exceeding $100,000 last year – including a police sergeant who took home $250,000, a watchdog report released Tuesday shows.

The payroll at the Port Authority grew by more than $15 million to $664.7 million from 2008 to 2009, thanks in part to eye-popping paychecks for some employees, according to the report.

The Empire Center for New York State Policy, part of the fiscally conservative Manhattan Institute, found 54 people made more than $200,000 last year, much of it overtime.

A little more than a third of the agency’s 7,499 employees made more than $100,000.

The top salary on the PA’s payroll went to Executive Director Christopher Ward – more than $304,000. Former Deputy Executive Director Susan Bass Levin made $290,862.

The study zeroed in on police overtime as a problem and a few cops in particular.

One police sergeant made more than $250,000 last year, including overtime, more than doubling his base pay and outearning all but the two highest-paid PA execs. One cop pulled down $207,265, more than doubling his base pay of $99,923, while another broke the $200,000 barrier, with more than $111,000 in overtime on top of his $89,647 salary.

(Read More: NY Daily News / YWN-4705)

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  1. When are we going to face the fact that when the rest of us hardworking shlubs are slaving away, the entrenched bureaucrats in whatever governmental agency are living the good life irregardless how much it costs us in taxes?

  2. I’m not at all shocked! exactly what one would expect when you can force people to pay any price for a service you provide, you do it! MTA Bridges etc. are a service people cant live without. raise the price as often as possible and as much as possible, hand out bonuses to union employees (based on money hungry union fat bosses demands) and cry again you dont have any money! in the red! they should all be in the red together with the rest of the economy! why is it that all the city employees pay is only going up even in these times?

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