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The Census Matters: You Have Today To Mail It Back

Some Census numbers:

So far, 63 percent of people living in New York State have sent back their once-in-a-decade count. And this year’s form is one of the shortest, only 10 questions.

As of Friday morning, Brooklyn has the lowest return rate of all five boroughs, at only 50 percent compliance. Manhattan has the highest compliance, at 62 percent. That’s just a few percentage points shy of the national rate, 68 percent.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is warning that a low response rate can have serious consequences for each person not counted.

In Connecticut 70 percent of state residents have sent in their forms. New Jersey has a 68 percent response rate… five points below the last census in 2000.

Since 9-11, it’s believed people are more reluctant to give out personal information.

There is a Census helpline for any questions you may have. Call 1 (866) 872-6868.

(Source: CBS2 HD)

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  1. Remember: you only have to write in the number of people in your home. That’s it. No names (not even yours), no incomes, no rent v mortgages. Just how many people live at your address.

    So if you don’t want the government knowing even more about you than they already do, you are not obligated to tell them. That’s the law. That’s what I did & they haven’t banged on my door yet. I mailed mine back at Purim time.

  2. Even though they say they don’t share information it is not true. My brother-in-law had a list of names that people share and census was on the list. So they do share and they can get into trouble.

  3. I lost my form (probably threw it out with other junk mail). I read they mail out a second one when they dont receive one in a certain time.

    The information is kept top secret. It will help us get more traffic lights and help us more school busses, etc. (right)

  4. #2 – “So if you don’t want the government knowing even more about you than they already do, you are not obligated to tell them.”
    You’re not “obligated” to take the survey if you’re so afraid of the government knowing about you.

  5. #5 – Sorry, it’s the law. The Census is used to apportion seats in the House of Representatives, so the government has made it the law that you have to fill out the form.

    If you need help or didn’t get a form, call 1-866-872-6868 (English) or 1-866-965-2010 (Russian). The website is

    And don’t think you can get out of it just by not mailing in a form. If the Census doesn’t get your form they will SEND SOMEONE TO YOUR HOUSE. Yes, you will have wasted the taxpayers’ (your) money by sending a live person to your house time after time until they find you at home. The Census is important to the functioning of our elective government (not to mention allocating 400 billion in Federal funds) and the law requires that you answer.

    So save us all a lot of trouble and mail in your form today.

    BTW, I work for the Census, so my information is straight from the source.

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