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A 67-year-old Jewish man is in critical but stable condition after being struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run incident in Boro Park on Monday evening. The incident occurred at

In her 2022 autobiography, “The Forerunner: A Story of Pain and Perseverance in America,” far-left Squad member Rep. Cori Bush makes astonishing claims of performing miraculous faith healings as a

Last night was another Adirei Hatorah event – a beautiful display of Kavod Hatorah and a way to express Klal Yisroel’s appreciation and acknowledgment of the yungerman’s integral role in

The talmidim of HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein, ztl, wrote a song for his yahrzeit which fell out on Sunday. The song, sung to the tune of Mizmor L’Dovid of R’

With the tens of thousands of people who attended the historic maamad at Wells Fargo Center, one can only imagine the sheer amount of photographs that were taken at the

Despite nearly two dozen protests staged outside his Houston-area home, Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz remains resolute in his support for Israel. The latest protest, which took place on Friday

Neighbors of the Gazan families who held the hostages rescued last Shabbos were stunned to discover that in a neighborhood where “a cough can be heard through the walls,” a

Adrian Perkins was running for reelection as the mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, when he was surprised by a harsh campaign hit piece. The satirical TV commercial, paid for by a

A group of pro-Palestinian activists, identifying themselves as Palestine Action, claimed on Monday to have infiltrated a “highly secured” facility of Instro Precision, a subsidiary of Israeli defense firm Elbit

Nearly one-quarter of recent home buyers say they regret spending too much on their purchase, reports a Clever Real Estate study. Of 1,000 recent and future home buyers asked, 43%

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko made antisemitic statements during a government meeting over the weekend, Ynet reported. Referring to a corruption case involving a former aide, he said: “There are 36

The IRS plans to end a major tax loophole for wealthy taxpayers that could raise more than $50 billion in revenue over the next decade, the U.S. Treasury Department says.

The IDF announced Monday that it has dismantled approximately half of Hamas’ fighting force in Rafah. The IDF’s 162nd Division has been engaged in intense fighting in Rafah for over

The deadly implosion of an experimental submersible en route to the deep-sea grave of the Titanic last June has not dulled the desire for further ocean exploration, despite lingering questions

Maldives, a tiny island country in Asia southwest of Sri Lanka and India, announced earlier this month that it is banning Israeli tourists from entering the country due to Israel’s

The U.S. surgeon general has called on Congress to require warning labels on social media platforms similar to those now mandatory on cigarette boxes. In a Monday opinion piece in

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit North Korea for a two-day visit starting Tuesday, both countries announced, amid international concerns about their military cooperation. Putin is expected to meet North

The IDF announced today that it has successfully eliminated a key operative in the Rocket and Missile Department of Hezbollah’s Nasser Unit in southern Lebanon. Muhammad Mustafa Ayoub, a senior

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore is scheduled to sign an executive order to issue more than 175,000 pardons for marijuana convictions Monday, the governor’s office said. The administration is describing the

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