VIDEO: Ed Koch Slams Obama’s Anti-Israel Agenda


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The following video is of Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch speaking out against the Obama Administrations position against Israel.

Koch calls the Jewish silence “deafening”, and questions why the members of Congress have not “taken on the President – every day”, and the most they did was send a letter, which Koch says was not even addressed to Obama, but simply to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

The 9 minute video speaks for itself.

Click HERE to watch.

Credible sources tell YWN that recent editorials and extensive coverage, have caused many political officials to take notice of our communitie’s deep concern of the current crisis.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Funny that everyone except the frum have heard that Mr. Koch is by reliable sources said to be a baal toeivah, and that at one time during his service as mayor he got into trouble because he had his “friend” on the city payroll in a non-job?

    Does anyone remember that he sponsored Executive Order 50 which was one of the first attempts to give family benefits to partners of an “alternative lifestyle?”

    So why is he being quoted on a frum website? Sure, he’s Jewish, but should we be quoting him?

  2. Thank you Mr. Koch! We applaud you and hope that many others will have the guts to speak out against Obama in support of Israel and her rights.

    It’s time Israelis stopped apologizing for their existence. If not for Israel, there would be total hegemony in the Mid East placing all of America in great jeopardy.