Bloomberg: Thanks To Alert Vendor & NYPD, We Avoided Deadly Event


Police in Times Square neutralized an explosive device discovered inside an SUV Saturday night, after evacuating thousands of tourists from the area.

The search is now on to determine who planted the device and why.

“We’re very lucky,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who rushed to the scene from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington, D.C. “Thanks to alert New Yorkers and professional police officers, we avoided what could have been a very deadly event.”

Bloomberg, speaking to reporters one block away from where the vehicle was discovered, warned of the dangers of terrorism – but did not specifically characterize the incident as an intended international terror attack.

The device was discovered at around 6:30 Saturday evening in an idling Nissan Pathfinder near the corner of Seventh Avenue and 45th Street by a street vendor, who then alerted a mounted New York City Police Department patrolman.

Witnesses in the area reported hearing a loud bang emanating from the vehicle at around that time, but it appears there was no sizeable explosion.

A police spokesman said later that the device “appeared it was in the process of detonating, but it malfunctioned.”

Once the area was cleared, authorities used a remote-controlled robotic vehicle to neutralize the device and then begin the process of dismantling it.

Once the situation was stabilized sometime after midnight, the robot was withdrawn and specially-protected members of the bomb squad worked to remove the remaining material from the vehicle by hand.

Police also recovered a black metal box resembling a gun locker.

According to the NYPD, the vehicle’s VIN number had been removed and the car’s license plate did not match its registration. Officials said an investigation was underway to determine who abandoned the vehicle and why.

(Source: NY1)


  1. “Officials said an investigation was underway to determine who abandoned the vehicle and why.”
    I think we know “why”

  2. To all the libs -who posted here during the presidential elections that all us right wingers are wrong- saying -Bush was horrible, there won’t be any more attacks on US soil, Obama will make a great Pres., there is nothing to worry about, etc…
    Just for my curiosity, what are you telling yourselves now? One thing I know, maybe Mr. Bush wasn’t the best President we ever had, but his claim that he protected us against terror since 2001, was 100% accurate!

  3. #2 You are 100% correct an for the record Bloomberg is just another liberal under who’s administration, anything done right, is bacause of
    things put in place by his predeseccors.