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Neturei Karta Meets With Iranian Hitler Once Again

As expected, Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad during his latest visit to the United Nations.

Below are two news article from Iranian Media.

Fars News Agency:

President Ahmadinejad, heading a high-ranking delegation, was in New York to take part in the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference at the UN headquarters.

At the meeting with the anti-Zionist rabbis, President Ahmadinejad stressed that supporting the rights of the oppressed people against the arrogant powers sets a priority for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He also reiterated Tehran’s support for minority rights, and added, “We have always underlined the rights of minorities in Iran and we are supporting their rights.”

During the meeting,  Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, spokesman of Neturei Karta International thanked Ahmadinejad for the stances adopted and declared by Iran in the NPT review conference.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran have always been a defender of the right and despite the false propaganda launched by the western median, the government of Iran is a friend of the world nations,” Weiss stressed.

Neturei Karta (Aramaic for “Guardians of the City”) was founded nearly 70 years ago in Jerusalem by Jews who opposed the drive to establish the state of Israel, believing only the Messiah could do that. Estimates of the group’s size range from a hundred thousand to less than a million.

In recent decades its members have shown up to protest at international conferences and pro-Israel rallies.

The Israel regime and its Zionist supporters all across the world have carried out violent attacks on Neturei Karta rallies and gatherings and have killed and wounded many of these anti-Israeli Jewish rabbis.

Press TV:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Tehran will continue to “fight for the rights” of oppressed nations in the face of global tyranny.

In a Wednesday meeting with a group of anti-Zionist rabbis in New York, Ahmadinejad said the rights of religious minorities is of primary importance for Iran.

He further added that Zionist groups are taking advantage of Judaism to further their political gains in Israel and other parts of the world.

The Iranian President praised the Jewish leaders who had shown the dark side of Zionism to the world by distancing themselves from pro-Zionist policies.

For their part, the rabbis praised Ahmadinejad and presented him with a book as a token of their gratitude for Iran’s efforts in maintaining the rights of the Jewish people of Iran.

Iran has the largest Jewish population in the Middle East next to Israel.

Like the country’s other religious minorities, the Jewish people are free to practice their faith and have one reserved seat in the Iranian Parliament (Majlis).

Ahmadinejad is in New York to attend the month-long nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference, which opened on May 3 at the UN headquarters.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. “Iranian Hitler”… guys lets be a little more professional. So many articles I read on this site are intolerant or ignorant.

  2. Being anti the medina is popular since the medina is highly anti Jewish (Torah and Mitzvas), however to love those who hate the medina and wish to destroy it (Iran) instead of love those who wish to improve it, is not stupid, it is the mentality of those who are sick.

  3. The religious parties in the medina are not anti Torah and mitzvahs.. The left wing is .. There is no way you can say that the right wing is also. This kind of behavior is a perversion of those who think that they could put the whole medina under one umbrella without considering how much Torah and mitzvas are actually supported in the medina.. Stop classifying the right wing with the left wing.. Only the left wing aspects are anti Torah.. somehow this gives these wackos an idea to be like this with such a jew hater.

  4. Wow! Wow! Iranian Hitler! Please let’s take it easy, I think that the reason why we always see this extreme title on everyone who opposes the state comes simply because were so many years after the war that we’re forgetting what Hitler means. Hitler said that all jews must be killed. Hitler killed two thirds me the jewish population. Hitler had no reason to hate jews he was simply a blood thirsty devil.

  5. “Estimates of the group’s size range from a hundred thousand to less than a million.” Where did you get these numbers from? Are you including all Satmar and Satmar-oriented groups as Neturei Karta? All Satmar leaders condemned supporting enemies of Israel.

  6. I think that the Neturei Karta, yimach shemom v’zichrom, should take the recently peigered neveila corpse of Moshe Hirsch yimach shemo v’zichro and have the Iranians bury it in one of their cemetaries. It doesn’t belong together with the holy bodies of yiddishe people.

  7. Are critics on this board prepared to take the achrayus for the lives of 30,000 Jews in Iran? Are the lives of those people there hefker?!

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