Navy SEAL Acquitted Of Assaulting Iraqi Detainee


Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe, who was accused of punching an Iraqi detainee, was found not guilty on all charges by a military jury Thursday.

McCabe, a 24-year-old petty officer 2nd class, had been charged with assaulting Iraqi detainee Ahmed Hashim Abed, who was arrested in September in Iraq for allegedly orchestrating the 2004 murders of four U.S. contractors in Falluja. The contractors’ burned bodies were later hung from a bridge.

Besides assault, McCabe had been charged with dereliction of duty for failing to protect a prisoner and with lying to investigators.

“It’s over and done with,” McCabe said at a press conference after the four day court-martial. “We’re moving on with our careers.”

Two other Navy SEALs — Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe and Petty Officer 1st Class Julio Huertas — were charged with dereliction of duty for allegedly abusing the same detainee, but were acquitted in April in military court in Iraq.

(Source: CNN)