High Speed E-ZPass At Woodbury Starts Fri


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Motorists will be able to travel at highway speed when going through the Woodbury toll plaza on the Thruway beginning Friday morning.

Northbound service will be available Friday and southbound will be online on Saturday.

Cash and ticket lanes will still have to slow down from highway speeds, stop at a toll booth, make their transactions and resume speed.

More than 42,000 vehicles pass through the Woodbury toll plaza daily and during peaks, weekends and holidays, that barrier was known to back up, sometimes for miles.

The highway speed E-ZPass “will dramatically reduce delays on this portion” of the Thruway, said Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun.

(Source: MidHudsonNews.com / YWN-112)


  1. just so people understand those high speed EZ-pass is for the thruway only (I-87) not for the toll booths that connect onto the NY17 (feuture I-86), yes it will eliviate traffic for the people heading further to Albany/Canada etc. or returning from there but it wont help on the NY17 traffic coming from the Catskills because the traffic will still build up at the toll booths there and extend onto the Thruway heading S/b unless the new wider lanes will help out there.