Obama Thanks Times Square Responders At NYPD Headquarters


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President Barack Obama visited One Police Plaza in Downtown Manhattan today to thank the law enforcement agents who responded to the attempted Times Square car bombing.

Joining Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and other officials in the Real Time Prime Center, the president praised the patrol officers and mounted police officers who dealt with an explosives-filled SUV in Times Square earlier this month.

Obama also said the New York City Police Department did a “model” job in locating and arresting Faisal Shahzad, the Connecticut man responsible for parking the vehicle.

“I was telling the mayor and the commissioner that the work that the NYPD does in coordination with state, federal, local officials when it comes to counterterrorism is a model for the country. It has been for some time,” said Obama.

He also said that he would make sure the NYPD would receive “what [it] would need” in funds to fight terrorism.

Kelly then presented the president with an NYPD-themed jacket.

Earlier today, the mayor asked Obama to make sure the city receives sufficient Homeland Security funding in the upcoming federal budget.

Since yesterday, the state’s congressional congregation has said the city will receive 27 percent less in transit security funds and 25 percent less in port security funds.

However, White House officials said the city will see a 47 percent increase in funding and overall receive one-third of money spent on anti-terrorism measures.

During the president’s meeting with the NYPD, police inspected a suspicious-looking car near One Police Plaza, but determined it contained nothing dangerous.

(Source: NY1)


  1. A tinkele yuhr oif em….what chutzpah!!!?? first he takes away Homeland Funding in the millions, then he has the audacity to come visit…..

  2. Balaboos,
    he did NOT reduce funding. That was a rumor (probably spread by right-wing nut jobs). In reality anti-terrorism funding was INCREASED for NYC.