Iran Detects US Nuclear Sub in Persian Gulf


According to a report released at the end of the week by Iran’s Fars News Agency, Iranian naval forces detected the presence of a US navy nuclear submarine in the Persian Gulf, in the Strait of Hormuz area. This is a critical passage, which permits 90% of the oil produced by Persian Gulf state to get to Asia, W. Europe and the United States.

There are currently 48 logistic and 18 combat US vessels in the Persian Gulf waters, among them the USS-Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

Experts say aside from the risk of ecologically disastrous accidents, the presence of a nuclear submarine in a narrow waterway also poses a threat of nuclear pollution.

In 2009, a US Navy Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered submarine collided with a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock in the strait. The incident caused a spillage of nearly 25-thousand gallons of diesel fuel.

In 2007, a submerged US nuclear vessel collided with a huge Japanese crude tanker in the south of the strait.

The US is yet to comment on the report.

(YWN Desk / FARS)


  1. If (big if) Iran detected a US boomer, it was because the US wanted them to.

    As to the “risk of ecologically disastrous accidents”, that’s just propaganda.