Staten Island Chuck Predicts A Shorter Winter


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Staten Island Chuck has some good news for winter-weary New Yorkers: an early spring. The city’s own weather-predicting groundhog Charles G. Hogg emerged from his solar-powered home at the Staten Island Zoo and delivered the news.

This January’s record-breaking snowfall has apparently taken its toll on man and beast alike.

Chuck was in agreement with his more famous distant cousin, Punxsutawney Phil, who also forecast an early spring. Phil also predicted that the Pittsburgh Steelers would win the Super Bowl.

Kudos to the rodents for making their predictions despite an ice storm gripping the region. Long Island’s Malverne Mel took the day off due to the weather.

Tradition holds that if the rodent sees its shadow, the winter could last six more weeks.

In 2009, Chuck made headlines for taking a bite out of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Last year, Bloomberg wore heavy work gloves when he hoisted him up as a precaution.

(Source: WCBSTV)