Thousands Gather For Founding Of New Skver Shtetel


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skver cover1.jpg(Click HERE for additional photos) Thousands of Jews from all walks of life gathered yesterday to celebrate the historic founding of a new heimishe shtetl in upstate New York. Hundreds of Rabbonim, Admorim, Roshei Yeshivos and Dayonim were attendence as well. Divrei Brocha were delivered by Rav Malkiel Kotler Shlita (Lakewood R”Y) and the Skulener Rebbe Shlita.

Founded just 50 year ago by the Skver Rebbe ZATZAL, New Square Shtetel – located in Spring Valley – has reached its population limit; so about five years ago, New Square askanim started searching for a suitable location on which to build a twin community to the current shtetl. The Rebbe personally oversaw these activities, realizing full well that this was not merely an economic undertaking but an enterprise of the greatest spiritual significance.

A more-than-400-acre estate was found in Spring Glen, New York, in the Catskill Mountains region. The estate came with several large structures, some of which are being used by Camp Bnos Square. The new Kiryas Square, which will be located an hour’s drive from its twin shtetl, will be a continuation of the original shikun.

(Source: Five Towns Jewish Times)


  1. it was beautiful especially the speech of the toliner rebbe shlita of yerushalayim who brought out the quality of skver starting from the chernobeler magid ztv”kl to the previous skverer rebbe ztv”kl the midos of histapkus and kedushah unbelievable how he gave everyone to understand what skver stood for once upon a time but the only thing that bothers me is the rebbe doesn’t allow pictures so why are you posting pictures and giving the rebbe agmas nefesh and the same for the hamodia and all other publications as well!

  2. We are ready to take the heat for saying the following……but….let’s set the record straight:

    Skver had a photographer there, and YW was BEGGED to post the article.

    As a matter of fact, we held off posting the story until late yesterday, just to get a good laugh out of the multiple emails SCREAMING at us – why were did not post them yet!


    Also, please advise is you took the time out to write the Hamodia and “the others” you complaint…..vehamayvin yavin….

  3. Dear JC
    I agree if the rebbe is really against pictures in all the newspapers and magazines I can’t understand why they would keep on sending in the pictures all over and “Beg” to put them in. How come other chassidus that their rebbes that are also against picture (Viznitz-monsey, Rachamstrivka, Stolin..)The pictures of these tzadikim don’t somehow show up in all the papers. I would respectfully request that either you they stop putting in pictures of the Skevere Rebe or just admit that he really doesn’t mind.

  4. YW Editor,
    You write “as a matter of fact, we held off posting the story until late yesterday, just to get a good laugh out of the multiple e-mails screaming at us – why we did not post them yet!”

    Since when do you cave in to people screaming on you?

    Who were the screamers?

    It probably was your oilam that was embarrassed on the write up and photos you had the last time on Skver.

  5. I find it interesting that YW had no problem posting those photos last week that many readers felt were an imbarrasment to skvere (& definitly caused alot of loshon hora to be spoken & to re awaken the whole story )BUT was takinh thier sweet time posting a real kidush hashem.

  6. Dear sammygol i would love the position but there are many on line waiting for it and the second problem is that the shekel hakodesh fund is a little tight right now after all there was a large function last sunday as stated in the newspapers that there were tens of thousands of people there so there is no money for another picture activist but i like your suggestion anyway!

  7. Dear Boruch1234 please be so kind and read comment #10 and that is your answer i guess yhe public relations department begs but i am 100% sure the rebbe has no idea about this please i give the rebbe a little more than that he doesn’t get involved in these kind of things!

  8. Dear JC
    I did read #10 but there is one thing that I can’t understand. If I know that if my Rebbe or Rosh Yeshiva doesn’t like something let alone having a “Kepeda” I would never do something against his will regardless if he knows or not. In the yeshiva circles we can either call it Kovod Hatorah or being Mekabel Daas Torah .
    Here in this case when the rebbe only hints some minor things like “shtivel” or other minute issues everyone runs to fulfill his words But when it comes to something that the Skevere Rebbe ZT”L was moser nefesh on we just look the other way??? It just doesn’t add up!!!!!!!

  9. Even more I received a brochure in the mail about the affair. After reading through it I realized that the main reason the original town of New Square was built was because the Saintly Tzaddik the Skvere Rebbe ZT”L wanted to get away or let me say it better he wanted to run away from all this that is being done today. For example Pictures, Videos (as seen by the affair Sunday on the back wall behind the yellow blower) newspaper write ups, magazine articles … He wanted to create a town like the “Amoliger Shtetel” away from all the fanfare that is being done today. So after said it might be a “Hamshche” of the shtetel of today but definitely not what the shtetel was meant to be!