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Cops Confirm That Monster Attended Wedding In New Square The Day He Killed Leiby Kletsky A”H

Accused Brooklyn child-killer Levi Aron apparently went to a relative’s wedding at a New Square catering hall the same day he killed 8-year-old Leiby Kletsky, police said.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that police believe Aron did go to the wedding Monday night but he did not take the boy, whose dismembered body was found two days later. Other guests at the wedding confirmed Aron was there, but didn’t see the boy, the commissioner added.

Detectives seized video surveillance from a New Square catering hall, where the wedding took place, The Journal News learned today. New York City detectives stopped by Ateres Charna wedding hall in New Square Wednesday and downloaded footage from Monday night’s wedding, said the hall’s manager, Izzy Goldstein.

“The police were here yesterday,” Goldstein told The Journal News today.

“They said he (Aron) said he was here. But I did not see him and I did not want to see him. It’s very gruesome.”

He said 400 to 600 people, including many children, attended the Jewish wedding. The bride was from Far Rockaway, Queens, and the groom from Rockland. He has no idea whether Aron and the boy attended.

“I wouldn’t know who he is,” Goldstein said. “I hope he was not here. An evil person like him, it’s unbelievable what he did. I didn’t sleep all night.”

He said he wouldn’t contact the newlyweds.

“This would ruin their simcha — happy time — if they knew someone like him
might have been there,” he said.

Aron is related to the bride, said Nathan Meisner, of L’Chaim Catering in Monsey, which handled the wedding.

“I know the groom personally,” he said. “The piece of venom (Aron) was related to the other side, not the groom side.”

(Source: Journal News)

14 Responses

  1. Stupidity. Who cares who he is related to. What are you trying to say; the brides side is terrible because they are related to him. NUTS.

  2. Working, #1 I am not sticking up for this guy C’V, but please watch what you say. Just because someone is related to him does not make them terrible or nuts. Are we not all distantly related to Korach or Dasian, Aviram, and countless other people who have done horrible things throughout history?

  3. I dont see anywhere in the article that they stated anything like that. They are not saying that any side is bad just giving you the details of the story as they become available.

  4. Why does YWN have to put up the photo of this terrible Achzor and Rosho every time they write about him ??!!
    We don’t want to look at his face!
    Osur l’histakel bifney Rosho

  5. Apologies to Working. Please mochel me. I misunderstood and did not read the article. My stupidity. Shame on YWN for this. YWN, please do not stoop so low to report things like this.

  6. If he went to the wedding and left the boy alone, and not tied up, then the kidnapping charge disappears and along with it, the first degree murder charge. His defense will argue he took home a lost boy, fed him, let him watch television (which is legal under New York law), and really did nothing illegal until he realized he would be in big trouble when he saw the posters and then “snapped” and killed him, and then tried (very unwisely) to hide the party. If the accused had diminished mental capacities to begin with, that should be enough for a reduced charge (though probably not an insanity plea).

  7. Sender Av, read what I wrote again. I said no such thing.

    Adorable, “I know the groom personally,” he said. “The piece of venom (Aron) was related to the other side, not the groom side.”

    He was inferring that the grooms side is better because he is not the one related to Aron.

  8. people were complaining on how our community sweeps incidents under the rug. arguments like this are the reason why. we run around blaming the parents, grandparents and wife’s second cousin four times removed. entire families are stigmatized because of one person’s crimes. of course we sweep things under the rug/

  9. how come every picture of the killer looks different? 1 he has a beard and glasses the other he is bald and no glasses, how come nobody saw this poor boy go into a strangers house? everyone has to teach their children to never ever approach a strange persons car at all, you cannot trust anyone anymore, even yidden, especially yidden, look how many yidden are in jail it’s just not to be believed, i would sooner trust a spanish person than trust another jewish one, sorry but that’s how i feel.

  10. This is beginning to remind me of how quickly the achdus we all felt after the Mumbai terror attack which killed the Holtzberg zt”l disintegrated.

  11. Question: Is Aron a nebuch, a terribly sick person…or is he a monster or a “venom?” I think we need to choose our words more carefully.

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