Home Invasion & Assault On 50th Street; Person In Serious Condition


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9:10AM EST: Boro Park Hatzolah just transported two people to Lutheran Trauma Center after an apparent home invasion at a private home on 50th Street. The incident unfolded just a few minutes ago when Hatzolah was called to the home located on 50th Street near 18th Avenue. According to initial reports, they found two people tired up. One of them is in serious condition at Lutheran Hospital. 



  1. “According to initial reports, they found two people tired up” Yeah, I would’ve also been tired after having going through something so scary like that! 🙂

  2. I know what you mean. Although my car is tired because I keep it in my driveway at night, I heard that there are hoodlums in BP and Williamsburgh (yup, that’s the correct way to spell it) that are busy untiring parked cars in the middle of night.

    I hope that these invasion robbers will be caught, tired and convicted.

    And seriously of course, we hope that the unfortunate victims will have a Refuah Shleimo b’korov.

  3. UPDATE from BOROPARKSCOOP.com @ 12:35PM (Monday): This vicious beating, which left a man seriously injured, involves a “Get”. Detectives are aggressively working on the case.

  4. Chas V’Shalom this could have ended up as the 3rd murder of a Jew perpetrated by another Jew, in a short period of time.

    Whats going on? Mah Yomru Hagoyim?

  5. I guess it doesn’t feel so good to be held as a prisoner and feel helpless. Hopefully he got the message, also for ignoring the orders of the Rabbonim/Beis Din involved.