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Family Of Leiby Kletzky Sues Levi Aron For $100 Million

The family of Leiby Kletzky wants his admitted butcher to fork over $100 million for kidnapping, killing and dismembering the 8-year-old Brooklyn boy.

Leiby’s father, Nathan Kletzky, is seeking the massive haul in punitive damages from Levi Aron, who has been charged with killing the boy after abducting him as he walked home from camp last month, a lawsuit disclosed Monday shows.

The civil suit, filed last week in Brooklyn Supreme Court,  says that Leiby “was terrorized, physically and psychologically assaulted and injured, and was murdered and his body dismembered, with parts of his body hidden in a refrigerator.”

The suit was filed on behalf of Nachman Kletzky, who only learned in recent weeks of the gruesome details of his son’s death, a source said.

Aron, 35, confessed to killing Leiby, whom he met by chance July 11 as the boy wandered the streets of Borough Park.

Aron told authorities he poisoned the boy with pills and smothered him with a towel in his Kensington apartment after panicking when he realized an extensive search was underway, court documents show.

Aron has told authorities he hears voices in his head, but he was deemed fit to stand trial. His defense team has said they’ll seek an insanity defense.

Lawyers for Aron and Nachman Kletzky did not immediately return calls for comment regarding the civil suit.

(Source: NY Daily News)

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  1. How does that work? Aron clearly doesn’t have nearly that sum to pay so when they say that the Kletzkys sued, if they win, who pays?

  2. Nebach. My heart goes out to the Kletzkys. How difficult it must have been to hear these details. Go after the butcher with all you’ve got, we’re all behind you.

  3. I don’t understand the point of such a lawsuit but I’m sure there is more info that we don’t know about.

  4. Its coming to him 100 per cent.
    However, I doubt Mr. Aron is hiding 100 million in the Camen Islands, Isles of Man, or any other offshore bank for that matter.

  5. ok someone help me out here. He worked as a stock boy for a plumbing supply store, so I don’t think he’s worth $100m. Where does the family think the money would come from if they were to win? Any possible movie of book deals he would get?

  6. To all above:

    He can very well get a book deal because of his celebrity status. This is a crazy world. Now they would profit, not him!

  7. The reason this was done is that sometime in future, if by any chance this butcher receives a book deal for his story then the Kletzkys’ are beating him to the punch for any earnings.

  8. The short version is no one pays. Aron is what we call judgement proof. Which is to say he has no assets and will have no income. You can get a court order saying he should pay whatever amount you want, but if he doesn’t have the money he won’t pay it.

    Honestly who ever the Lawyer is who filed this suit is not serving the best interest of his client.

  9. In my humble opinion this story does not belong on a website that caters to the frum oilam. What can it invite but loshon hora and empty speculations without any purpose. Pls. let’s not add shmutz to a tragidy that touched and that remains difficult to digest… What will it change to discuss this? Whatever the reasons behind the supposed lawsuit they are not revealed to us nor should they be. Sorry, but don’t we have enough to do now with Elul Coming. A Gutten Chodesh to everyone!

  10. The reason for the lawsuit, most likely is to prevent Aron from profiting from his horrible crime like writing a book years from now

  11. Obviously all the money in the world will not bring back their dear son, a”h, and clearly this creature does not have $100 million, BUT, at least any money or property of any value that he DOES have NOW, or may acquire in the future (through a future yerusha, or selling his story, etc.) SHOULD go to the Kletzky family.
    I would say this is similar to the reparations the german government paid to survivors of the Shoah and their families. It does NOT atone for the crime, but it is the very least that should be done.

  12. From what I read it seems that this is standard in such cases as it is very likely that Aron will be getting interviews and documentaries etc. They want to make sure that he doesn’t make a penny out of it.
    Its even more than that, since it is likely that people will offer him interviews and book deals. They want to make sure that their child does not become an entertainment piece. If Levi Aron knows that any $ he makes will be given to the Kletzkys he has no motivation to do the book deals or interviews.
    They probably just want to make sure it does not become a media field day.

    Only Hashem can console them.

  13. I read there are two separate lawsuits. One against the perp and one against the father. My question is: Is the father guilty? Only neighbors know the amount of daily communication between the father and the son. If they can prove that the father had any knowledge of this crime whatsoever, while Leiby was still alive, the father is almost as guilty. Can they ever prove that?

  14. What money? This is a move to ensure that the killer, who will be using an insanity defense, can not profit from the crime, and neither can his family. That means no one can get paid $500K for an exclusive interview and keep the money. This is NOT an attempt to cash in and get rich on his son’s death, this is a move designed to make sure his son’s killer or the killers family don’t gain wealth as a result of poor Leiby’s death.

  15. ok there were a lot of answers to the question of how’s he going to fork over 100 mill, this will just get him to not write a book that’s it

  16. I’m sure the lawyers out there can confirm this, but I’m pretty sure NY State has laws that say one can not profit from a crime, which covers things like movie rights, book deals, interviews and anything else so he wouldn’t pocket a dime from such things anyway. I doubt this is about money, but whatever it is about, why is this on YWN?

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