Turner Offers Maps To Lost Obama Workers


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Bewildered Obama for America workers hopelessly lost in Queens and Brooklyn – as many were reported to be on Friday and over the weekend – have an important resource now available to them, courtesy of the campaign of businessman and life-long Queens resident Bob Turner (R).  Beginning today, the Turner campaign will make available at its Howard Beach headquarters free New York City subway maps to Obama for America workers sent to New York to take over the campaign of New York career politician David Weprin (D-WFP.) Mr. Turner and Mr. Weprin are in a neck-and-neck race for the seat recently vacated by former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D).

President Obama’s re-election team began orchestrating ground operations for Mr. Weprin last week in an effort to avoid a humiliating defeat for the Obama economic agenda in the special election for New York’s Ninth Congressional on Tuesday, September 13. The election is widely seen as a referendum on President’s Obama’s hostile stance toward Israel and his failed economic programs.

“We heard reports on Friday and over the weekend that President Obama’s workers were scattered all over Queens and Brooklyn this weekend, trying to find the Ninth Congressional District, so we decided to make subway maps available to them as a gesture of good will,” said Turner campaign spokesman William O’Reilly.  “Many of them have never stepped foot in Brooklyn or Queens, and Bob Turner’s local volunteers would happy to show them around. One thing they need to know, though:  If they find David Weprin’s house, they are lost.  He does not live in the congressional district.”

Mr. Weprin is a career politician who has held or run for four separate political offices in the past two years — City Council, City Comptroller, State Assembly, and now Congress. He does not live in the 9th Congressional District.

Mr. Turner (R) a former television executive who has lived his entire life in the neighborhoods of the 9th Congressional District, is running for Congress to help get America’s economy moving again. He has been endorsed for Congress by both Republicans and Democrats, including former New York City Mayor Ed Koch (D) and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Turner’s business career has taken him around the globe.

A memo from Obama for America National Field Coordinator Jeremy Bird is below. He did not include a map with his memorandum. 
Obama for America Letter
Dear xxxxx:
This Friday, September 2nd, volunteers will be making calls and knocking on doors in New York’s 9th Congressional District for David Weprin. I hope you can make it.
Assemblyman Weprin is the Democratic nominee in the special congressional election on Tuesday, September 13th. He has a long record of getting results for New York’s seniors, students, and middle-class residents, and he’s focused on holding government accountable — first as chair of the City Council’s Finance Committee and now as an assemblyman. He’s exactly the kind of leader we need in Congress.
You should join the event in Forest Hills on Friday to help contact voters in David’s district <http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/canvass/gpksrq>  — the calls you make could be the ones that put him over the top.
        Here are the details:
       What: Organizing for David Weprin
        Where: 72-50 Austin St
        Forest Hills, NY 11375
        When: Friday, September 2nd
        11:00 am
        RSVP now <http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/canvass/gpksrq>
From fighting for first responders to passing the Recovery Act and historic health care legislation, President Obama and Democrats in Congress have put together a long list of achievements.
If we’re going to continue to build on this work and create jobs, we need strong allies like David in Congress. On the other hand, the Republican nominee supports making harmful changes to Medicare and Social Security, and has even put raising costs for seniors on the table.

The choice couldn’t be clearer. RSVP here to help David and contact voters in New York:
       http://ny.barackobama.com/David-Weprin-for-Congress <http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/canvass/gpksrq>
        Jeremy Bird
        National Field Director
        Obama for America
        Paid for by Obama for America

(Turner Press Release / YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. 1. Enough with the Press Releases. At the very least, charge them for advertising and label it as an advertisement.

    2. Cute gimmick – the headline should have reflected what it was, an interested gimmick for calling attentin to outside support (though one finds that on both sides in this race)

  2. Is this a news article or an op-ed? Journalistic integrity requires distinguishing the two.

    BTW, subway maps are always free – you can generally ask for them at any customer service booth (formerly token booths).

    an Israeli Yid

  3. WHen oh when will you people separate the news from editorials and press releases that are, at best, distortions fo the truth.
    If the truth shall set you free, the content of this article will bimnd the chains infinitly tighter.