Drudge Headline: Revenge Of The Jews; Dem Seat Turns In NYC


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Moments after the Associated Press declared Republican Bob Turner the winner in an upset victory, Matt Drudge of the DrudgeReport, arguably the single most powerful journalist, wrote the following headline on his website in bold, red letters:

Revenge Of The Jews; Dem Seat Turns In NYC.

On top of that was a photo of President Barack Obama smirking as he walked onto Air Force 1.

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(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)


  1. I am so proud of being Jewish tonight. The message will resonate throughout Washington and all over America.

    We stood up against the Liberals and got out and hit the levers hard! What a kidush Hashem! Enough with the bums!

  2. This messes up the Dems redistricting plans. They planned to use Weiner’s seat as the seat they must give up. But now it isn’t a Dem seat, and they must choose another Dem seat to eliminate.

  3. B”H. It’s still a tremendous Kiddush Hashem that Jews proclaimed to the entire world that they stand up for Hashem’s abhorrence of Toeiva. Kol HaKavod to them.


    Before he became Senator, Schumer represented this District. Weinder, Schumer’s protege, took over when Schumer quit the House.

  5. Where did drudge get this from? This is purely his opinion or his desire to spin the news his way. This was not about Obama. This was about making a point that we are anti gay marriage. I think it was a kiddush Hash that so many rum people turned out to vote and show that we care and our vote means something.
    Thank you to all of you who voted. You have given our communities strength in showing that we vote and we can make a difference in the outcome when we turn out in force.

    Also thank you Dov Hikind for always being there for us and making sure our voices are heard.

  6. The revenge is not on Obama rather on all those in Albany that passed the toeiva bill. Someone should tell Drudge we are Gds people and we stand by His word.

  7. Matt,

    The reason most Jews weren’t voting for Weprin was more his Yes vote on gay marriage in NY state. That was numero uno. In an interview that was quted in the Jewish papers (Yated Ne’eman, Hamodea etc) he was quoted as saying that he wasn’t running for the position of Dean of the Rabbinical College so his vote for something against Jewish law should not come into play.

    Also the folks are finally coming around to realize that the Democrat Party doesn’t have the same values that they have. Its a slow process because there is nothing Republican or Conservative in NYC, but it is happening.

    Thank G-d I realized this in my early years and have been a conservative republican ever since despite being surrounded by tax and spend liberals.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Although this had to be done, let’s not discard the good will of the president. There are difficult times ahead for Eretz Yisroel, and his support is going to be key. Let’s use some sechel.

  9. This is earthshaking. The Republicans had an underfunded weak candidate, the Democrats had a well funded candidate with a good resume and a well known name (“yihus” being a big factor among Democrats in New York).

    This will encourage serious candidates to run as Republicans in Brooklyn and Queens, and especially in Jewish areas. In will encourage the state GOP to oppose anti-semitic (really anti-frum) gerrymandering. It might encourage many Jewish “Democrats in Name Only” to run as Republicans.

    For years conservatives have been speculating on when Jews would stop voting like socialist refugees from the Lower East Side – it finally happened.

  10. It wasn’t only about toeiva because there are more secular Jews than frum in this district, and they are not necessarily anti-toeiva-still they voted republican because they don’t like how the democratic government sold Israel down the river!

  11. The vote against toeiva was only part of what caused this historic upset. That vote already took place, it won’t be reversed. But Weprin’s trying to pass it off as a “civil rights, and not a religious issue” just didn’t fly. Most of all, this was a loud vote by us to say that we don’t like the direction this great nation is headed in, so don’t take us for granted in future elections.