Turkey Releases Names Of IDF Members Involved In Flotilla


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The Turkish media has advertised a list of IDF officers and soldiers which it intends to bring to justice for their role in the Mavi Marmara commando operation.

There are a total of 174 names, apparently gathered from Facebook, Twitter and photos circulating in the international media, including the former and current IDF spokesman, Southern District Commander Major-General Tal Russo, Central District Commander Major-General Avi Mizrachi, former IDF Southern Commander Major-General (retired) Yoav Gallant.

Retired IDF Major-General Tzvi Fogel told Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) host Razi Barkai on Monday (27 Elul) that “there is no doubt there are evil people among us willing to collaborate with Turkey, furnishing names of commandos from the elite Shayetet 13 navy commando unit”. He adds that it is likely that the list contains names found in connection to other operations, and not from the Marmara.

An inspection of the list reveals many of the names were taken from the Operation Cast Lead lists that have circulated in the past, including air force reservists called to action at the time. Operation Cast Lead was Israel’s counter-terrorism offensive launched against Hamas targets in Gaza in December 2008.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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  2. Peacemaker: What do you mean “the zionists” have an argument with the Turks?

    We are talking about 174 Jewish people, many of whom are frum. The turks want to harass them and arrest them if they go to certain countries.
    And you throw them under the bus because you have some bizarre halachic argument about whether a certain state should have been created 63 years ago?

    What is wrong with you? Are you really m’zerah avraham?

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