Hamas Leader Speaks To The Media From Damascus; 315 Terrorists With Life Sentences To Be Released


Hamas leader Khaled Meshal spoke to the media from his base, Damascus, telling the press that the prisoner release deal represents a major victory for Hamas, and the organization came through as promised.

He explained that the 27 female terrorists imprisoned in Israel will be released, and no females will remain in prison after the deal. Meshal added that those being released include prisoners who live in eastern Jerusalem, Yehuda and Shomron, and Gaza, showing the unity of his people. He stated that among the prisoners to be released are 315 sentenced to life sentences.

In the first stage 450 prisoners will be released, followed by 550 two months later. The total deal will result in bringing Gilad home for the release of 1,027 terrorists.

Senior officials in Hamas indicated they attempted to add more names, but realized even here there is a limit, sending a clear message to those not included in the current release, “don’t worry, you too will be released”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. this is not pidyon shvuim it’s helping out the terrorist they will now kidnap more Israelis.
    100% assur al pi halachah this will cause more jews to get killed

  2. Isn’t that why Israel takes prisoners – so we have something to trade with? Israel could just execute them but then it will be in the situation that of not having anything to offer for Israeli prisoners (plus a terrorist facing certain execution will fight to the death, thereby endangering Jewish lives – the better the treatment of prisoners, the easier to get them to surrender).

    One can reasonably expect that if someone is a real menace, he won’t be taken alive.

  3. WHATS THE PRICE? 315 more terrorists released GET READY for 315 more suicide bombings & tons of deaths R”L ALL FOR 1 SOLDIER too bad this is the way israel works & trades, sorry. be prepared for more bombs from them and rockets from gaza as they capture more soldiers to release more muslim prisoners.

    NOTE: this is what Klal Yisroel gets when all these Tzaros Happen & we don’t wake up to do Teshuva Especially now right after ELUL & yomim noraim

  4. rabbonim are against this for this reason. i cannot begin to contemplate the familys pain but putting 1000 convicted, active murderers back in action is nationally unsound and only Hashem knows.

  5. Oh good the Arabs get the women back so they could beat them up.

    So do they release Shalit after the first Muderer Release or does he have to wait another 2 months??

    May all yishmaelim see their maypayla b’korov!

  6. Look, there is no choice in the matter, be real,we cannot afford for gilad to be tortured not even a day longer than necessary, you got to do what you got to do,yes it’s a shame all those terrorists will be released but i am so happy that gilad is coming home,it’s about time,hopefully moshiach is right around the corner, so let us all hang in there just a little bit longer, the worst is almost over,let them have what they want for now, then when moshiach comes it will all be taken away from them,we must go through with this, we have no choice.

  7. I’d like to believe the Israeli intelligence forces are not as stupid as we make them out to be. If we are letting them go it is for a reason. Gilad Shalit is just the excuse to have them sent back.

  8. Shame on you! I’m pretty sure that if Gilad Shalit was related to anyone of you, you wouldn’t think twice of trading him. Don’t you think that Gilad has suffered long enough? Do you think the Israeli government is stupid enough to release anyone that worth anything? Chamas can claim what they want, but I find it very hard to believe that 345 prisoners that are imprisoned for capital offenses will be released. Don’t forget to sign the Rubashkin petition.

  9. Reply to #10

    Its nice to know that you are so “happy” that 1000 terrorists are going to be released so that one captured Israeli soldier will be returned. I’m sure you will be absolutly kvelling when one of these released terrorists sets off a bomb killing many Israelis (including perhaps a member of your own mishpacha).

  10. #10- rubashkins people do not want anyone signing the petition. It was written on ywn that they said it is doing more damage than good so do NOT sign the petition!