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Yishai: It’s Pidyon Shvuyim To Release Terrorists For Gilad

Upon leaving the home of Maran Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita, Minister Eli Yishai escorted Mr. Noam Shalit, who met with the Gadol HaDor for about ten minutes. Mr. Shalit was wearing a large black yarmulke.

Yishai would not stop to speak with the large number of reporters, stating it is a matter of pidyon shvuyim, that simple.

Aides to the prime minister are already engaged in major media efforts, explaining the prime minister realizes that due to the turmoil throughout the Mideast, if such a deal is not reached now, there may not be an additional opportunity in the future.

As the cabinet continues to discuss the deal, Ministers Moshe Ya’alon [a former IDF chief of staff] and Yossi Peled [a former IDF major-general, northern district commander], are both signaling they remain opposed to the deal. Another minister, yet unnamed, stated he insists the matter must be taken to the nation for a referendum, and the cabinet may not make such a decision alone.

Finance Minister Dr. Yuval Shteinitz, who released statements over recent years signaling a hard-line position, is not decided at this time.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Pidyen Shvuyim says who? I would like to hear Rav Ovadia say that psak unequivocally based on the facts of who are being released. I highly doubt he would agree with Yishai.

  2. don’t you think he discussed it with rav ovadia if he just came out of his house after having a meeting there?? i think its pretty obvious.

  3. How many will be released in return for Gilad? I’ve heard anywhere from 450 to 1,000 prisoners.
    I”YH he will return home.
    However, at that price Israel runs a huge risk of providing even more incentive to kidnappers. If the IDF and intelligence services determine that the benefit outweighs the risk, then so be it. If the risk is greater, then I don’t think (and I’m not a Rav) the inyan of Pidyen Shvuyim applies.

  4. It’s a tough pill to swallow. But every parent has to say to himself when he sees Noam Shalit, if not for the grace of g-d, there I go. Of course, if you don’t have a son in the army you would have a harder time understanding it, nevertheless, try! For the future, lessons learned, take no prisoners with blood on their hands. Kill them and be done with it. Negotiate over politicians.

  5. I remember learning Yevamos where it discussed this kind of situation. Does anyone know what the Halacha is? It is really a tough situation for klal yisrael. Are we not encouraging Hamas to capture other Jews, now that they see what a powerful move it is?

  6. On the same token aren’t we encouraging terrorist to get caught now that they see they will get out?

    Let’s be real. They want to KILL US not kidnap us!!

  7. It’s very simple. Since it was a foregone conclusion that the cabinet would vote in favor, even if al pi halacha such a deal is not allowed, nevertheless, the Fruma would get bashed big time in the media for not supporting it.

    However false it is, it would make the Frum look bad, and the decision has already been made anyway, so better to go along with it.

  8. It still is not clear to where they will be released.

    Chachamhagadol, does someone who had a friend or relative who was murdered by terrorists have somrhting to say?

    Rabbenachman, we will be bashed no matter what we say so we should say what we believe. As a famous American (and there is chochma among Goyim) said “you can’t please everyone so you please yourself”.

  9. #4 i have heard 1037 prisoners will be released. i 10000% agree with you that this will provide an incentive for terrorism

  10. The decision surely requires Daas Torah and I won’t offer an opinion. What I will say though, is if it is true that it is. 1000 to 1 swap then those in the press who cry about “proportionate response” should understand that Hamas agress 1000 terrorists for every Israeli IS proportionate.

  11. Since Hamas officially equates the value of one Jew to that of 1,027 Arabs, next time they kill a Jew, chas v’shalom, Israel should kill 1,027 Arabs, and no one should say it was disproportionate.

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