Maran R’ Kanievsky Shlita: We Must Continue


Thousands of women feel the void that was created with the sudden petirasa of Rebitzen Batsheva Esther Kanievsky ob”m during Sukkos, the wife of Maran HaGaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, a daughter of Posek HaDor Maran Rav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv Shlita.

For all who visited the Rebitzen seeking a bracha or simply a kind word, she was a mother figure, never turning anyone away, always greeting visitors with a smile and sending them off feeling better than when they arrived. The Rebitzen offered her genuine concern for all, listening attentively to their problems and concerns.

During chol hamoed Sukkos Rav Kanievsky gathered his daughters in the sukka, Rebitzens Shteinman, Koldotzki, Tzvion, Braverman and Epstein (listed in age order), addressing them following the loss. During the family meeting, the Rav spoke with his daughter Rebitzen Koldotzki, the rebitzen of the Rav’s son-in-law HaGaon Rav Yitzchak, to continue in her mother’s path, to begin receiving the khal, the many women seeking advice and guidance.

“After the petiras Ima ob”m, there is a void that remains, and there are many women who now fear there will not be an attentive ear, someone to turn to. Therefore, it would be appropriate to continue, towards filling the void, to continue walking in Ima’s footsteps”.

Rebitzen Koldotzki indicated she would receive those wishing to come, in her home, but Maran Kanievsky stated “Why don’t you come to her, to our home, and continue the tradition”, to which she agreed in keeping with her father’s wishes.

On Tuesday, the 6th day of chol hamoed, Rebitzen Koldotzki was at shachris for the vasikin minyan at Lederman. She received women there after davening after which the women escorted her to Maran Rav Kanievsky’s home. The Rav’s eldest daughter, Rebitzen Shteinman will also continue the tradition, taking questions to her father, those questions that Rav Chaim would refer to Maran HaRosh Yeshiva Shlita.

Rebitzen Koldotzki is 54, born in Bnei Brak, the second of five daughters and she has three brothers, HaRabbonim HaGaonim Rav Avraham Yeshayahu, Rav Shlomo (Rosh Yeshivas Kiryat Melech) and Rav Yitzchak Shaul.

As a child she already showed signs of excellence, particularly regarding her midos, Yiras Shomayim and acts of chessed, always performing these acts in a modest fashion, never seeking notoriety. Rebitzen Koldotzki and her family live at 9 Rav Nachman M’Breslov Street in Bnei Brak. The couple has 13 children, some married.

The Rebitzen was extremely close to her mother Rebitzen Batsheva ob”m, usually seen accompanying her to smachos and other events. Her husband Rav Yitzchak, travels to many communities almost every Shabbos, areas in and out of Israel, to give a chizuk to Jews wherever they may be, working tirelessly to bring them back to Avodas Hashem.

(Published on isru chag Simchas Torah in Eretz Yisrael)

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)