Newark Flight Crash-Lands In Poland


A flight out of Newark Liberty International Airport with 240 people on board made an emergency landing in Poland after its landing gear failed to open, according to NBC News.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

The Boeing 767 Polish Airlines jet discovered a technical glitch ahead of its scheduled landing at Warsaw International Airport Tuesday morning.

The plane circled over the airport burning fuel while officials prepared for the emergency landing.

It landed on its belly without landing gear.

(Source: NBC News)


  1. Ladies & gents, this is NOT a crash landing as the headline screams. This is called an Emergency Landing & BH everyone walked away from it. Big difference.

  2. Polish Airlines? Maybe it wasn’t really a technical glitch. It may have been something like – “Landing Gear? Oh, I didn’t think we would need those anymore, so I left them in Newark!” or maybe “Which button opens the landing gear??”