VIDEO: Another Arrest In Mosque Arson Investigation


[VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] In a violent raid by approximately 100 soldiers on Yeshivat Ohd Yosef Chai in Yitzhar on Monday evening, 3 Cheshvan, one young Shomron resident was arrested on suspicion of involvement with the mosque arson in Tuba el-Zangaria.

Close to 100 policemen, detectives and ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) agents raided the Yeshivat Ohd Yosef Chai complex, in the process spraying pepper gas in all directions. As a result of gas inhalation several rabbis and students who were learning at the time in the beis medrash were injured.

During the raid the police arrested the young Shomron resident on suspicion of involvement with the mosque arson in Tuba el-Zangaria.

“We reiterate that tomorrow a deliberation will take place on an additional suspect in the case, and it appears that the arrest of the youth this evening in Yitzhar is meant to provide a reason to extend the remand of the other suspect.

“As of now four suspects have been arrested in the case, out of which two have already been released after no evidence implicating them was found.

“In a deliberation that took place Sunday on the suspect who has been in remand for over a week, the court suggested that he be released to house arrest, however the police refused and his remand was extended by two days” the Honenu media release states.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Some might wonder why they can’t seem to get any evidence for such a public crime.
    Methinks they didn’t do it. Methinks the arabs did it, but Israel really wants to make sure they cover all possibilities, since if these guys really did do it, we need to cut that down fast.

    And I bet they don’t mind raiding this place either, since they don’t really like them.