Anger in Hebron – Whose Side are Police On?


At approximately 5:00am today, Tuesday, 4 Cheshvan, Israel Police Yassam (Special Forces) troops raided the home of a family residing in Beit Hadassah, Hebron. The father of the family passed away several months ago after succumbing to a serious illness. The police woke up the widow and orphans, the youngest of whom is approximately 18 months old, and conducted a search of the house for his weapon, which had been stolen.

Several months ago, the family filed a police report that the weapon which belonged to their late father had been stolen. The police had searched the house in the past and investigated the family members and friends of the deceased; however the weapon has not yet been found.

Nevertheless, a predawn raid was carried out today, as police arrived armed with a search warrant. The residents of Hebron are furious at the conduct of the police, who for no understandable reason are cruelly treating a widow and orphans, and cite the verse “Thou shall not afflict any widow, or orphan… if they cry out to Me, I will surely hear their cry”.

MK Michael Ben-Ari said in response that, “This is an atrocious lack of sensitivity on the part of the police. In this instance it would have been appropriate to show particular consideration, and in light of the fact that the house had already been searched, this is a case of harassment for harassment’s sake.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Whose side are the police on???

    The government’s side. The government has two enemies. One is a nuisance but not really a threat to the existence of the government, the state, or the zionist movement. I refer to the Palestinians. The other threat is those who would destroy the government, the state and zionism, and replace it with a Jewish state based on principles totally odds with the secularism the zionists have struggled to establish for over a century – this threat is the most serious one, and from this (the government’s perspective) point of view, the police’s behavior is justified.

  2. akuperma – If you consider the Arabs trying to bomb Israel out of existence a ‘nuisance’, you are really out of touch with reality. And no, you can’t distinguish between the PA and Hamas – they have the same goals.

  3. akuperma, you would think that the Palestinians, who would like to destroy every man, woman and child in Israel, and take over the country for themselves, would be considered a great, or THE greatest threat to the Israeli government. But apparently, it’s still the frum Jews.

  4. But the Arabs havae no chance of driving Israel into the sea – they are not a a threat to zionism. They are a pest, but one the Israelis have contained for 60 years and will be able to do so. No Arab army has won a war against a non-Arab since the time of the gaonim.

    However the Jews in the West Bank, and the Hareidim, and the Religious Nationalists who claims that Torah has priority over the state’s law — they are a growing movement and do threaten the zionist dream of a homeland where Jews can be an “Am hofshi” – a people free from the yoke of Torah.

  5. The Yassim forces are the most vicious forces that the police have for instilling fear in us Jews. My sons was beaten by them for participating in a protest AFTER THE PROTEST ENDED!! The courts turn away from dealing with claims unless there is filmed proof of their vicious violence.