SHOCKING: 35 Million Americans Hate Jews & Number Growing As Economy Continues To Stall


Millions of Americans harbor an ugly secret — they’re suspicious of the Jews.

A nationwide survey released Thursday by the Anti-Defamation League found that 15% of the country holds deeply anti-Semitic views — and as the economy worsens that number appears to be growing.

“It is disturbing that with all of the strides we have made in becoming a more tolerant society, anti-Semitic beliefs continue to hold a vise-grip on a small but not insubstantial segment of the American public,” the ADL’s Abraham Foxman said.

Old stereotypes about Jews being pushy and controlling the economy are festering — especially among the least-educated Americans, the survey found.

Among other things:

n 19% answered “probably true” to the statement “Jews have too much control/influence on Wall Street,” a five percentage point increase since 2009.

n 14% agreed with the statement that “Jews have too much power in the U.S. today,” an increase from 13% in 2009.

n 15% agreed Jews are “more willing to use shady practices.”

n 16% agreed that Jewish “business people are so shrewd, others don’t have a chance.”

Other anti-Jewish canards continue to be believed by millions of Americans.

Some 31% believe the Jews were responsible for crucifying Christ. And 30% — a percentage that has stayed steady since 1964 — insist Jews are “more loyal to Israel than to America.”

Nearly half of all respondents agreed with the statement that Jews “stick together more than other Americans.” And a quarter of the country says Jews “still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust.”

The survey found that the most-educated Americans were the least prejudiced and foreign-born Hispanics were more likely to hate Jews than U.S. born Hispanics.

Some 29% of the African-Americans surveyed expressed strong anti-Semitic views.

On the plus side, even the anti-Semites gave Jews credit for their strong faith in God (79%), being big on family (84%), and for contributing to American cultural (64%).

The telephone survey of 1,754 adults was done in October.

(Source: NY Daily News)


  1. One should remember that the survey was conducted by someone who has a financial interest in finding as much anti-Semitism as possible, since its the basis of their fund raising. This would suggest that the survey was conducted in a method designed get the desired result. A better technique is to ask general questions about all ethnic and religious groups, rather than trying to draw out a specific answer. Such surveys, for example, show that only a handful of Americans would object to a Jewish president (but many more would object to a Mormon or Evangelical Protestant). ADA knows better than to “lie with statistics.”

  2. RABOISAY!!! Wake Up this is not jokes, World War 3 is around the corner, the Yiden will have tzures here in America, u cant be Blind, look whats going on, take Example #Rubashkin see how bad this Anti-Semitsim is, WH Petiton 50k was Ignored by Oabama, the Yiden must Move to our Homeland ISRAEL thats the Only Place we will be Safe, 109 Countries Threw Us out, yiden who were in WWII Holocust say they feel in USA like they felt before the war broke out.

    YWN Reported that SHomre Emunim Rebbe said WWIII will break out this year & Only in Israel the Jews will be Safe & wont be harmed.
    rwad article:

  3. Why is this shocking? Halachah b’yadu’ah: Eisav sonei es Yaakov. It was true in 2448 and it is true in 5772. It was true in during galus Bavel, Paras/Modai, and Yavan, and it is true in galus Edom hu Eisav. Perhaps when we will begin believing it, we will need less reminders of its truth. In other words, when we will dance Ata b’chartanu and Ashreinu mah tov chelkeinu, they will start singing HaShem echad u’Shmo echad. Something to think about.

  4. Once again, Akuperma nails it.

    Certain organizations and individuals have a vested financial interest in keeping the Jewish population nice and scared.

  5. Shuali, Bavel and Madai are not Eisav. Some of the questions do not necessarily have to do with Antisemitism. Actualy, it is better in America now then it used to be years ago.

  6. The “strong faith in G-d” part surprises me. American Jews are more secular than non-Jews. I don’t think American Jews as a whole have strong faith.

    Also, the idea that even anti-Semites “give credit” to American Jews doesn’t make sense. If 64% of those surveyed say we’ve contributed to American culture, a substantial number say we haven’t.

  7. Only 15%, that number is way too low. Don’t believe statistics projected from surveys; when asked, people are not willing to reveal their true feelings.

  8. Have you noticed that Jews with yarmulkes are routinely attacked when they walk down the street? In what parts of the country? By whom?

    Have you noticed serious opposition to orthodox Jews in getting employment?

    Have you noticed how companies are afraid to be “kosher” for fearing of losing business?

    Get real. If you exclude some nutcases, and exclude problems from secular Jews, prejudice is simply not a big problem in the US. Note how both the extreme right (Eric Cantor) and extreme left (Chuck Schumer) have Jewish leaders. Unlike Europe, we can go anywhere. Anti-semitism isn’t a problem. Indeed, most of the problems that do exist pertain to secular Jews discriminating against us.
    America is exceptional, no matter what the ADA believes.

  9. There is nothing shocking or surprising about this. Chazal said Esau hates Jacob. From the moment that the Torah descended on Mt. Sinai, so too did the enmity of the goyim descend on the Jews.

    Also, there is a huge phenomenon of self-loathing Jews. My frei relatives tell me how much they hate seeing black hats, peyos, etc.

    Who exactly was interviewed here?

  10. Sorry, ignore the previous post. MDD: Number one, I think you may have misunderstood the juxt of my post. My point was that in every galus, we were “chosen” because we refused to accept our chosenness.

    Number two, the seforim say that galus Edom, indeed included all the previous exiles.

    Sorry if the short comments above are missing my typical verbose explanations, but Shabbos approaches. Good Shabbos everyone.