Maran Rav Kanievsky Warns To Stay Away From The Internet


Once again, Gedolei Yisrael Shlita are calling on the tzibur to distance itself from the internet, warning against the dangers to a Jewish home from the internet. In an sharply worded letter, one being described as “unprecedented” by the daily HaMevaser, HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita states the internet is in the category of ‘yahereg v’al ya’avor’, stating the internet must be avoided at all costs.

The Rav is quoted as adding that while the induction of females into the IDF is also in the category of ‘yehereg v’al ya’avor’, the internet is far more serious today. Rav Kanievsky is quoted by HaMevaser as saying that there is no excuse to permit the internet for those claiming it is essential for a livelihood since rabbonim have already ruled the threats that are associated with the internet are simply too great and one must simply distance oneself from it.

The report adds that even after filtering has been installed, there is no heter for internet in one’s home, even for a livelihood, warning one who brings internet into one’s home brings the yetzer hora into the home.

NOTE: YWN has not seen this letter, and is simply quoting a repor in the Hamevaser.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. But what does he mean by “Internet?” Does this include the Usenet? Tech support via remote desktop? Email? Online backup? Intranet? Anything using TCP/IP protocol? What about some other protocol?

  2. #3- Ein l’davar sof. Traffic lights are controlled over the internet, power distribution systems are done over the internet. SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) devices are connected to the internet and control many of the things we use. No, I think the Rav is referring to the World Wide Web.

  3. I sell on Ebay and ship by UPS and you must print the tag by internet or it wont get picked up ,Now what, go out of bussnes ???????????????????????????????? REALY ??? Yeshivahs buy school suplies via the Internet ,Torah magazines manage thier bussnes via the internet, tsuvos are sent by the INt PLEASE?????????????? Cut out air. And Torahanytime .net and Kolhaloshon and 50 other torah programs Please??????

  4. i wish to warn the public about another horrible toeyva that is just as equally dangerous. This device can be used for permitted purposes but it also can give a person access to the of schmutz that lo shearum avoisechem. this new device – called the telephone – is a danger in ones home. the device can be used to spread loshon hara and also to access all kinds of prutz numbers that are filled with the worst preitzus that exists today. the temptation to call these numbers is too serious and the device must be treated as a yehareig ve’al yaavor. even for business purposes having a telephone is assur mideorayssa and anyone that owns a telephone, filtered or unfiltered – dinno kegoy lechol davar.

  5. I think Rav Kanievsky is not for the internet or against it for I highly doubt he knows what it is exactly. We all know the famous stories that he doesnt know what to do with a basketball, and he wanted to “mix” the oil in a stick shift car etc.
    Catch my drift?

  6. Instead of disparaging Rabbonim, why don’t we all do what we should’ve done in the first place – ask our own Rov?

    Rav Kanievsky paskens for his kehila, and my Rov paskens for me. Find yourself a competent Rov, and stop listening to every kol koreh.

  7. Please, its the people around him who trip over themselves to see who can come up with the most assurim. I doubt he was making an informed decision. What is also funny is that Kupat Ha’ir is on the internet with his picture on it soooooo…

  8. #8 To you I only wish someone who loves you would take you to a professional…you should have a refuah shleima. If you still have some seichel left to remember your name post it and we”ll say tehillim for you.

  9. It seems to me that most of the commentators are not being honest with themselves and therefore are misreading the article.

    I believe that the article is “claiming” that HaRav Kanievsky, shlita is saying that there is no excuse to have Internet in the “house” regardless to whether there is a filter and regardless to whether one brought it into his home for business purposes.

    I don’t believe that the article is claiming that one should not work in an environment where there is internet, because that is nearly impossible today. However, leave the internet for the office, not the house.

    What needs to be determined is whether this is truly the Daas of HaRav Kanievsky and if so what about the other Gedolim (Poskim)? Obviously, if other Gedolim paskin differently then one only needs to heed HaRav Kanievsky if he sees him as his posek. I’m sure the future will bring clarity on the matter.

  10. The internet,like everything else,can be used for good or bad. Tzadikim yailchu bam uposhim yekashlu bam. If a person knows he cannot control himself then for him it is assur. If he’s not sure, it is assur. However, those who are aware of Hashem have no trouble with the internet.