Eli Yishai Responds: Soccer Segregates Women


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In a conversation with Ynet, Yishai compared the segregation between men and women on public transportation to separate soccer leagues. “Why aren’t women and men playing together in Beitar Jerusalem and Maccabi Tel Aviv (football clubs)? You can claim that they are also excluding women,” the minister said.

“No one has the right to force their lifestyle on the public sphere,” Yishai noted, adding that he was “shocked from cases in which women and children were humiliated, which is in contradiction with halachic law and Jewish morals.

“Most of the haredi public is opposed to these grave acts, and I will continue to encourage mayors to act firmly against this phenomenon,” Yishai maintained.

On Sunday, Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat approached Yishai, asking him to appoint a committee to deal with women degradation in the city of Beit Shemesh, where most recent incidents have taken place.

Following the request, Yishai told Ynet he had no intention to appointed a committee and dismiss the mayor of Beit Shemesh, as requested by Livnat.

“I spoke with him, and he will act firmly against the phenomenon,” Yishai said, adding: “Jerusalem also has a problem, so what? We’ll fire (the mayor) as well?”

Responding to Livnat’s comments, by which she has nothing against segregation in haredi towns, the Interior Minister said: “You can’t tell someone where to swim in the sea, or force them to swim in a public pool. You can’t force people to pray together.

“Incitement against haredim is an awful thing – we are all being generalized and the media is mixing things around. Women who want to do things separately cannot be told what to do,” he said.



  1. If Israel were to admit that “Jewish” (i.e. non-Arab) Israel was really two distinct societies, there wouldn’t be problems of this nature. However, from a zionist perspective it is heresey to admit that Israel is a “tri-national” state, with Secular Jews, Frum Jews and Goyim as the three nations. The concept of a “unity” of the Jewish people is widely held, even if it is probably an archaic myth in the 21st century. However insisting that “one size fits all” leads to inevitable problems due to the fact that Israeli Jews come in mulitple sizes.

  2. There is only one Jewish nation and we are all responsible for each other. Areivim ze loze.
    We must stop all activities that create Chillul Hashem, chas vesholom.
    Treat chareidim and chilonim with respect. Ohev Sholom Vrodef sholom , umekorvon latoroh.
    Our aim is kidush Hashem. No one who gets spat on will ever want to be a chareidi.
    That kind of behaviour creates hatred, pirud and sinas chinom.

  3. #2- If there is one Jewish nation: which is it?

    The one of Tel Aviv, where being Jewish is based on any ancestry or desire, and halacha doesn’t figure into it

    The one of the frum parts of Jerusalem, based on Torah and Mitsvos

    If we agree with the ROV (majority) of klal yisrael, then Tel Aviv wins, and those who rule Eretz Yisrael need to snuff out the anachronistic leftovers who don’t get the message. As for me, I’m proud to be part of an old fashioned chain going back to Sinai, and I don’t care to be snuffed out.