VIDEO: SAFTEY ALERT: Laser Dreidel Toy


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The new “hot” item this year in toy stores across Israel this Chanukah season is the “Laser Dreidel”, a plastic spinning toy that somewhat resembles a dreidel, flashing colored lights and playing loud music. Priced reasonably, it seems the perfect toy to keep toddlers and small (maybe even large) children occupied for a while. Seems harmless, right? Wrong! It turns out that one of those “lights” on the toy is in fact a moderately powerful red laser diode – WITHOUT A FILTER! Every parent knows the danger of letting children play with laser pointers, due to the permanent vision damage that they can cause. When asked about the toys, some parents replied that they brought them at reputable toy stores, which would never sell harmful toys. When the toy stores in question were asked about the laser, they replied that it “was just a light” and totally harmless. The toys are manufactured in China, which is known for exporting laser pointers without filters.

Parents should either return the toys to the store that they brought them from and complain or if they wish to keep the toys they can cover the laser diode with nail polish.

Have a safe and happy Chanukah!

Click HERE to watch this video from a mobile device.

(YWN – Israel Desk)


  1. “the toy is in fact a moderately powerful red laser diode”
    Maybe the toy is just like stores say- a powerful red light emitting diode also known as an LED.
    Any proof otherwise?

  2. Yep. My wife got one of these “toys” for our kid as a chanukah present. I though it was LEDs as well until I figured out the laser part – it is powerful enough to be seen on builddings across the valley from us – a good kilometer away at least!

  3. We have one, too. After reading this story, I told the kids not to look directly into it. My wife, luckily, has more sense, and says we’re returning it.

  4. If you know if this is true and can prove it, or know which modeles are O.K. ,please post the info. Thank You.
    My kids want to play with the toy and say who says it’s dangerous.Thanks.