HaRav Moshe Tzuriel Warns Against Mingling with Gentile Volunteers


HaRav Moshe Tzuriel, a prominent rav affiliated with the dati leumi community, has issued a stern warning against the growing trend of non-Jewish volunteers working in yishuvim throughout Yehuda and Shomron.

“On the one hand they announce their genuine desire to assist us in the battle against the Arabs. On the one hand, there is an element of pikuach nefesh, and we need all the assistance we can get”, the rav writes in his letter.

The rav however points to another ‘pikuach nefesh’, referring to the youth, the impressionable young residents of yishuvim who may be influenced by the non-Jews and move towards Christianity chas v’sholom. The rav warns even the loss of one neshama is too costly and he feels that befriending gentiles living in communities is a recipe for disaster. In his publicized letter the rav quotes the Rambam’s ruling on the prohibition of employing an idol worshiper.

He acknowledges that most of the volunteers appear to be Protestant, and there is a view that they do not fall into the same category, but adds that nevertheless, “with all the immigrants into our land, they do fall into this category”, explaining there are too many foreigners entering Israel and the youth must be distanced from them.

The rav calls for caution, to distance oneself from these volunteers, but adds to do so politely, and to make certain they are not harmed in any way. Nevertheless, he warns against becoming friendly, providing them lodging and giving them employment. “It would be best if they left our country” he concludes.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)