Beis Yaakov Teacher Prohibits Tefilos for Rav Yaakov Yosef


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According to a Kikar Shabbat report, a Jerusalem Beis Yaakov teacher prohibited her students from davening for a refuah shleima for HaGaon HaRav Yaakov Yosef even though they were already davening for Maran Posek HaDor HaGaon HaRav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv Shlita.

When the girls asked to add the name Yaakov Chai ben Margalit on behalf of the rav, their teacher refused, leaving them somewhat astonished.

In response to the report, the school’s principal stated, “There are clear guidelines and the family of HaRav Yosef did not file a request to have us daven on his behalf. Therefore, tefilos were not held on his behalf”.

She added that it would appear that people seeking to compromise the good relations in the community between Ashkenazim and Sephardim are behind the smear campaign.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. this is absolutely uncalled for, shpitz sinas chinom, you may not agree with him or his psakim, but he’s certainly a frum person, so why not daven for him?
    i remember last year there were very frum ashkenazi avreichim who said a mi sh’beirech for Rav Mordechai Eliyahu zt”l when he was sick
    this story is mamash a disgrace

  2. The explanation given does not add up. You don’t wait for a godol’s family to ask to say to tehillim for him. I don’t think the mechaneches was exhibiting sinas chinam, just lack of good judgement. Please take the blinders off.

  3. This is a disgusting story, but whats more disgusting is the fact that YW chose to report it. You like to stoke the fire, dont you? I guess thats what keeps you in business…..

  4. The story makes absolutely no sense. If the principal’s Rav were sick, he would not daven for him until the family asked? Exactly which good Midah is this policy supposed to be teaching? Is it: Don’t help others before they ask for help?

  5. By printing this story YWN is guilty of the same spreading hate everyone accuses everyone else of. Why print this story? Is it to spread ahavas yisrael? Get real.

  6. If emes, this m’chaneches lost olam haba over this stupid decision for GENERATIONS. If anyone thinks this will not have a bad effect on the talmidos they are utterly insane. Ask them in 100 years if they remember not being allowed to mention a choleh’s name during thilim and they will remember it.

  7. There could be some valid reasons why Litvish school does not want its talmidim to be davening for a Sephardeshe rebbe. I don’t agre with such a hashkafah but there are lots of reasons why they may have this minhag.

  8. There is a moral to this story, all of us who are davening for Rav Elyashuv let us add the name of Reb Yakov to our tefilohs for a refuah sheleima for both.

  9. If we don’t have feelings for our own brothers (never mind this is a man that knows kol hatorah kolah) then why do we blame obama for not having mercy on us? Let’s not forget most of the rishonim we spend endless hrs learning were from the sephardi descent

  10. I used to be surprised and astonished at this until I experienced it in Eretz HaKodesh in a completely frum area. My son had a friend over who goes to the Cheder in our area. Someone we knew (Sephardic) was very ill and need rachmai shomaiim and we asked my son’s friend if he could pass this person’s name to the rebbes in order to include him in their dovening. The boy (about 11 years old) said something that completely shocked us. He said “It depends what kind of name” You cannot imagine our devastated reaction. and this boy…. he is a good boy with derech eretz. Nebech!

    Above, you speak of sinas chinom…….. well, it not a surprise that it is a fast growing trend – it’s all around us and it starts at home at a very young age.

    Beis Homikdash will not be re-built until we M’taken this flaw.

  11. Look whether this story is true or not we all know that we must improve our aha as chinam in order to bring the geula. There will always be those that make trouble but it should make the klal even more sensitive to work on aha as yisrael.

  12. Gadolhadorah said “There could be some valid reasons why Litvish school does not want its talmidim to be davening for a Sephardeshe rebbe. I don’t agre with such a hashkafah but there are lots of reasons why they may have this minhag.”

    I don’t see any valid reason!