Greenfield: End The Ticket Cameras on Ocean Parkway


Councilman David G. Greenfield wrote this week to NYPD and Department of Transportation officials asking for police officers to patrol Ocean Parkway for reckless and speeding drivers instead of speed cameras that arbitrarily ticket drivers who in many cases are simple following the flow of traffic. Last month, the New York Post reported progress toward the city’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic deaths, with NYPD officers setting a traffic enforcement record last year.

“Ocean Parkway is at the same time southern Brooklyn’s main street and also its busiest highway. It demands the considered judgment that patrol officers exercise when enforcing traffic laws.” Greenfield said. “New York’s Finest, our NYPD officers, should keep children and families safe along Ocean Parkway, not machines.”

Commuters, shoppers, school children, seniors — everyone — relies on Ocean Parkway for neighborhood trips and longer journeys. Thousands of people live along its service roads and numerous schools, synagogues and other institutions sit at its intersections. Accordingly, a police presence is critical to keeping road users and the surrounding communities safe from reckless driving.

After numerous changes to the street by city and state officials, including long sought upgrades to the pedestrian malls as a result of Councilman Greenfield’s efforts in the city budget process, Ocean Parkway deserves the care and attention of our police officers.

“The fact of the matter is that Ocean Parkway has become a ticket trap for thousands of New Yorkers. We should care more about public safety and less about making money for the city,” said Greenfield, who notes that speed cameras bring in $60 million in revenue for New York City.

Councilman Greenfield sent his letter this week and anticipates meeting soon with the relevant NYPD and DOT officials to work on this change.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. I like ticket cameras. They encourage responsible driving and provide a bit of revenue for a city that needs it. Cops looking for reckless drivers is nice too, but, as the song says, we cain’t alwuz git what we wa-ant. And, yes, the cameras have caught me a few times, and it hurts to pay, but not as much as squishing a pedestrian or injuring people in car collisions.

    I think Greenfield is pandering to the irresponsible drivers among us.