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UN & EU Condemn Israel for Razing Illegal Homes & Home Purchases

The United Nations does not miss a beat, this time on hand to issue yet another condemnation of Israel for razing 21 illegal homes in the Bedouin sector that has left 54 people including 35 children homeless.

UNRWA and UN human rights officials released a joint condemnatory statement in protest over the demolitions, which took place on April 18, 2012 north of Jerusalem. The demolitions condemned by the UN have not been confirmed by official Israeli sources.

The European Union issued a condemnation as well in reference to the removal of 14 people from two homes in the Beit Haninah neighborhood of the capital to permit “settlers” to move in, referring to homes that were legally purchased. The “settlers” refers to the new Jewish residents in the predominately Arab neighborhood. The EU and UN fail to mention the issue of the homes in Beit Haninah was in the courts, with the latter ruling in favor of the new rightful owners, Jews – apparently dissatisfied with the reality that in some areas Jews can buy property, in this case the capital, in a predominately Arab area which is viewed as “Israeli occupied” by the UN, EU and the USA.

EU diplomatic officials in Jerusalem and Ramallah stated they were “deeply concerned by the plans to build a new settlement in the midst of this traditional Palestinian neighborhood, adding that “Settlements are illegal under international law.”

In keeping in line with the mainstream media, the statement distorts the factual reality and seeks to portray the ousting of the Arab squatters as a hostile takeover or a racist incident against poor Arabs who do not enjoy basic civil rights when this is not the case.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Why should they ever raze homes in a country with a perpetual housing shortage? Tearing down people’s houses because you disagree with their politics for pure spite???
    It is irrational and short sighted.

  2. The craziest part of it is that Israel never bothers rebutting all these condemnations – not in a way that ever sees the light of day on YWN or any other media that I see anyway – so it simply becomes a case of admission of guilt by silence. They HAVE TO condemn the condemnations, every single time without fail!!!

  3. Razing arab (terrorist) homes is a wonderful thing! If you just move them out, they’ll just move right back in. It’s the only way. And by the way, akuperma, if they can evict Israelis from their homes, they SURELY can evict and destroy arab homes!

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