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Beit Haninah Residents Not Pleased with New Neighbors

Residents of Jerusalem’s predominately Arab Beit Haninah neighborhood have to get accustomed to their new Jewish neighbors. The Jews moved into Nof Shmuel on Thursday, 4 Iyar, marking a new reality in that area of the capital, one which was condemned by the European Union last week.

As a welcoming and a showing of a desire to live side-by-side in peace, the Arabs pelted the home with rocks as well as damaging a Jewish vehicle heading to the home in the heart of the predominately Arab community. A group of Jews decided to set the rules in place from the get go, retaliating for the attacks. Baruch Hashem there was no reports of injuries.

The Arabs who were attacked returned with reinforcements, but backed off when they saw this group of Jews means business, determined to remain and undeterred by their violent welcoming. One Arab did however throw a sizable stone at the home, and when an Arab vehicle passed the new home that sizable stone was politely returned via a vehicle window.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. gosh, don’t the Arabs believe in democracy? is it only in Israel that Arabs are free to walk unhindered but in Palestine Jews are forbidden? Hmm, why don’t the bleeding heart liberals say something??

  2. I wonder how this article would read if it was Chareidim politely retaliating against the Israeli police for beating up Chareidim! Actually, I don’t really wonder!

  3. I dont condone violence in most cases but when dealing with pereh adam that seems like the only way that works. If only we retaliated every time there would actually be peace because they would be scared as is usually the case with the animal kingdom in relation to mankind, unless man conditions them not to be afraid.

  4. They moved in on the day that was celebrated there as “Independence Day”. They are looking for trouble and to provoke the “Pere Odom”. They are doing a terrible injustice to their own children, and they are causing more trouble for Klal Yisroel.

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