Israel: Prominent Journalist Calls to Limit the Size of Chareidi Tzibur


The upcoming election will prove a formidable challenge for the chareidi tzibur as the campaign will center around the controversy for and against drafting chareidim into the IDF.

In actuality the incitement campaign began some time ago, with the “women’s honor” issue pointing a finger of blame at the chareidi lifestyle, accusing the chareidi tzibur of treating wives in a disparaging fashion, using the secular way of life with its non-torah values as the litmus test to back up such a statement against an entire tzibur.

The chareidi tzibur is regularly referred to as “parasites” in Eretz Yisrael, blamed for everything from national poverty to an unbalanced government budget.

As the election is officially underway, set for 17 Elul 5772, the secularists seem to be competing for the “most anti-chareidi” title in their statements to the media.

In his column in the daily Yediot Achronot, prominent journalist Yaron London calls to shrink down the number of chareidim, to limit the size of this unwanted community. He states “the question is not how to compel chareidim to enlist in the IDF or how to increase their presence in the national workforce, but how to limit their numbers in Israeli society”.

“Most of us are affected by the rabbit syndrome, most call for unity rather than conflict and most of us are polite and bend over to comply with political correctness”.

“Hasn’t the time come to say what is in our hearts? The chareidism educates to be a parasite and foster poverty. It remains the most powerful agency in the spreading of ignorance, outdated ideas and other nonsense. It is the enemy of science, closed to the arts, mocks the rule of the people, hates and takes advantage of them, hates ‘the other’ whether from among our people or a strange people”.

“Strengthening the chareidim will weaken society to utter and complete defeat. Therefore, the effort being made to focus on chareidi draft should be dedicated to the real goal, shrinking the size of the chareidi tzibur!”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Does he plan forced sterilization? Infanticide in the hospitals? Is he advocating rouding up charedim and gassing them? Perhaps he would like to enlighten us.

  2. His views reflect a considerable part of the zionist public. Remember, that several centuries all Jews were hareidim. The goal of zionism has always been to reduce or eliminate the hareidim, and to free the Jews from the yoke of Torah.

  3. I think that arguing the case on this issue, and claiming that Charedim give to the society as much as Chilonim do, by learning torah, (which is true, but a tinoik shenishbu will simply not be able to understand this premise, and we have to believe it too, stop having bituchoin in the money from the medina if we want to use this claim) is part of the cause of having these wacky ignorant journalists criticizing a segement of the population they know so little about. This London guy is known to be dumb, ignorant of torah and values. By the Chilonim there’s an average of one murder a day, plus a host of other violent activities, including a host of horrible incidents not fit to spell out. Could you even begin to criticize us Mr London? Would you not perfer that all your children remained alive, by us Charedim there’s almost no known homicide stories, would you not perfer this Ignorant Mr London?? Maybe we got something you don’t, Mr London! Maybe the inheritance your entitled to from your great grand parents- the Torah, maybe you should look at it for the first time! I mean after all the Torah is yours, and you do want to give your children the best chance to remain alive in your life time!

  4. He just wants to drive us into the sea.
    From the beginning of the Medina our gedolim said the GOAL of the Medina was to destroy yiddishkait. They are the eynay h’edah and can see things the was it is! Thank you Mr. London for not hiding your intentions like the rest of them. May we see yeshuos for klal yisroel

  5. Terrible Rasha

    But isn’t it the time to wake up and do preventive measures?

    Don’t even give them a ” Pesach ” –an opening– to talk.


    Prove yourselves useful ctizens to the overall society.

    How is this for a simple idea:

    Charedim organize clean up days of national parks. Waves of Charedim descend on a national Israeli park site and clean up every piece of refuse there.

    The park and is left spotless, and the Charedim get credit for a job that helps the Tzibur as a whole.

    Simple idea that gives massive good publicity for Charedim

    What we need is out of the box thinking from Charedi leadership to show how they can help the Tzibur both in times of war and peace.

  6. The frum community has failed this tinok she’nishba.

    He clearly has no clue as to what a Torah lifestyle is all about.

    The fact that no Torah Jew or Jewish organization have reached out to him is very tragic.

    He needs an “Uri Zohar” type to find and fan his pintele Yid.

  7. modern orthodox, you’re idea is great. unfortunately no Rov or Rosh Yeshiva would sanction this. Wouldn’t “pas” for the klal. And that’s where the problem lies. Noone rolls up their sleeves anymore it’s let the other person worry about it. That’s what fans the anti-frum flames in these crackpots.

  8. 11 and 12:

    The frum commnity has failed this ‘Rasha’ because he hasn’t seen the merits of a Torah true lifestyle.

    All he is seeing is negativity.

    We need to project what a Torah true Jew is all about. There are innumerable examples of wonderful Charedim with wonderful Midos, bringing up their families. Unfortunately the “secular pork eaters” have no exposure to these people.

    Time for the Rabbonim to roll up their sleeves and do Kiruv and project what Torah true life is all about.

    Imagine Haredim voulnteering en masse in hospitals- offering to take eldlery people to hospitals free of charge as a Chesed, or cleaning up national parks as I said above. I can think of many ideas to project a positive image of Charedim.

    This must be done as soon as possible to win over the hearts of the seculars.

    It’s only going to get worse.

  9. “modern orthodox” the charedim already do all of this and more; it makes no difference, because the Yaron Londons of the world are motivated by sin’ah, not reason.

  10. Really hope this will be printed as I think its important to respond to the left. @Modern Orthodox, Was waiting for you to agree with this guy. After all, isn’t REALITY that the Chareidim are a bunch of parasites? Isn’t REALITY that the Chareidim teach people to be parasites? Isn’t REALITY that such a system of relying on others can’t last and will mess up the economy and structure of the state of Israel? Isn’t REALITY that the Chareidim close their minds to science and other MODERN ideas? The answer is that not everything works with our perception of REALITY. Their is a G-D who dictates how the world should run and we wont be forsaken by doing his will even if the REALITY looks different. Sometimes our own perception of REALITY isn’t the true REALITY!

  11. Proud orthodox:

    Sad that you would think that I would agree with this Rasha.

    But Charedim still need to be be trained with skills to enter the modern workforce. How can the economy survive if they don’t work? How can the army survive years from now if Charedim are 50% of the population ? Are others supposed to fight for them ? pay taxes for them ?

    Please be a realist and stop living in a dream world.

    Charedi life – as it exists now- cannot sustain itself.

  12. We have to work like the rest of the nation, never in our long history did we have large segment of our population just do nothing, definitely the balei kishronos that are the future rabonim and dayinim can learn full time (even though our biggest tanaim and amorayim had professions or fields or wine cellars etc. but all the rest should most definitely work,and be kovea itim letorah before or after work, this not working – full time learning is not and never was the way