PM Netanyahu Responds To Burning Effigy of Chareidi Soldier In Meah Shearim [VIDEO]


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Persons in Meah Shearim used Lag B’Omer to burn a Charedi IDF soldier in effigy, as was done in past years too.

One of the public officials responding was Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who commented at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, 18 Iyar.

“Last night, there was a reprehensible incident in Jerusalem. An extremist and truly marginal faction of ultra-orthodox society, a faction identified with Neturei Karta, burned effigies of IDF soldiers in uniform along with Israeli flags, in order to offend chareidi soldiers. This was deplorable. IDF soldiers guard everyone, including the chareidim, including these people. I expect, request and demand that all public leaders condemn this despicable act and I also request that the police find those responsible.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Mr. Netanyahu, all chareidim are guilty and deserve a good punishment. The best punishment would be to deny them entry to the army and expel the chareidim who are already there. This will teach them a good lesson once and for all. And the best part will be that this lesson will stop their daily milchemes mitzvah protests throughout Israel.

  2. What about the police finding those responsible of the transportation collapse to Meron? Well it’s only the chareidim – so why care?

  3. arye, I hope you get your brisker peyos caught in some egged bus doors as the bus leaves from meron back to whatever cave you slithered out of.

  4. chareidi amiti, my brisker peyos are too short but your chup has the right shiur to get caught in egged bus doors. But don’t worry, your straight-back haircut with your white shirt with a collar and 3 buttons near the neck will get the bus driver to open the doors for you.