WATCH: Red Crescent Ambulance Team In Custody For Taking Part In Attempted Lynch


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IDF troops responded to the attempted lynching of Jewish motorists near Chawarah last week. IDF officials learned that a Red Crescent ambulance intentionally blocked the victims to prevent them from extricating themselves from the life-threatening situation.

The ambulance is seen in the video, clearly leaving the motorists with nowhere to go. Baruch Hashem the IDF responded and extricated the Jewish motorists. The media was of course on hand as often, they are notified of the attacks in advance to ensure media coverage. .

On Friday night, IDF forces arrested some of the attackers involved, including the ambulance team, for their role in the attack. No condemnatory statement is heard from International Red Cross officials following the incomprehensible actions of an ambulance team. IDF forces worked with Shin Bet agents to get their hands on the ambulance personnel and the suspects are now in custody.

As reported earlier, one of the occupants of the vehicle realized the extend to the life-threatening danger and used his licensed pistol, killing one terrorist and wounding a second.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Pereh Adam. These are the people the Liberal Loonies (including some on YWN) are upset at Trump for his refusal to grant them entry into the US.