VIDEO: Arabs Try Murdering Jewish Motorists Near Chawarah; 1 Terrorist Dead


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B’chasdei Hashem, Jewish motorists in the Shomron, in the Chawarah near south of Har Bracha, were saved from an attempted lynch while traveling on Route 60, the main road, on Thursday, 22 Iyar.

For a third time this week, hundreds of Arabs lined the main road and began hurling boulders at vehicles. One of the occupants of the vehicle realized they were in life-threatening danger and used his licensed pistol to open fire. He killed one of the attackers and wounded another.

A number of vehicles were hit with the boulders, but B’chasdei Hashem they were able to extricate themselves from the attempted lynch.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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  2. Not seen on this site is that the arab that was injured during this peaceful protest was a “Press” person with a bullet-proof vest on.