VIDEO: Former PM Olmert Being Hospitalized After Not Feeling Well



Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert complained of not feeling well on Tuesday, 26 Sivan. A prison physician was summoned to check him and then a request was made for his personnel physician. The decision was made to transport him to a hospital for additional diagnostic exams. He is currently in Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

Olmert is serving a 27-month sentence in Massiyahu Prison, a special ward designed to accommodate a former prime minister. Earlier this week he addressed a parole board, requesting to wipe one-third from his sentence for good behavior. The former prime minister was reportedly teary-eyed during his appearance before the parole board. The prosecutor remains opposed to his early release.

The parole board is expected to announce its decision at the end of June.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Olmert sure knows how to play the game. Like back pain, no one can tell if you have chest pain or not but it certainly gets the sympathy vote put!

  2. Why make fun of this man who did alot of good things also
    I don’t know if he should be let out early or not and he is not a Tsaddik – but why make fun?
    I can tell u that as Mayor of Yerushalaim he was very very helpful to the Charedi community
    And besides, he ordered the army to bomb the nuclear plant being set up in Syria, etc
    I am not saying he shouldn’t sit in prison – but why are u – avreimi so sure he is faking?