Hebrew U. Professor Equates Israel To Nazi Germany: It’s A ‘Fact’


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On Thursday night 28 Sivan, Channel 2 published recordings provided by the Im Tirtzu organization in which Hebrew University professor, Dr. Ofer Cassif, equated Israel with Nazi Germany during one of his classes, insisting that it was a “fact.”

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg said that this is further proof of the need of an academic code of ethics.

“Comparing the State of Israel to the most wicked regime in the history of mankind is not only a disgusting display of anti-Israel propaganda, but something more severe than Holocaust denial,” said Peleg.

“This is further proof of the need to fully implement the academic code of ethics, which will restore pluralism and diversity to academia.”

Peleg added: “We are calling on Education Minister Naftali Bennett not to fold under the pressure of radical leftist elements in academia who are doing all in their power to torpedo the code.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Unbelievable that a jew be such a lowlife!!! He should be deported and sent to Germany , since he is not happy here!!
    Why is he not fired and deported for teaching such diatribe??

  2. There are similarities. Both rejected traditinal religion. Germany supported a neo-Pagan cult based on Norse mythology, and persecuted Christians who didn’t tote the party line. Germany also saw Jews as a biological racial group rather than as a religious group defined by beliefs and practices. Zionism similarly rejects traditional religion and has made “the land” into an object of avodah zarah, and Israel similary defines Jews, for the most part, based on the idea of “race” rather than according to halacha. Both zionism and the German national socialism had their roots in European natinalism, with a large dose of Marxism thrown in.

    The major differences is that Israel is a democracy (Germany officially was, both opposition parties were surpressed). The only political group that doesn’t participate in Israeli elections are the hareidim (the real ones, not the zionist ones), and that is by choice. Satmar and Neturei Karta could run a list, if they wanted to. Israel also has no interest in expansion outside of Eretz Yisrael, whereas Germany wanted to conquer or control the world. The Israelis also so a much better job of keeping politics out of military strategy, whereas the German armed forces were seriously undermined by political interference.

    Whether the Israelis would “transfer” Arabs out of Eretz Yisrael is an open question.

  3. Akuperma:
    I would generally agree with you but would disagree in that the similarities are deeper and the differences less so.

    Both movements grew out of a post-Enlightenment romanticism that gave birth to ethnic nationalism: France for the French, Germany for the Germans, Poland for the Poles and “Jewland” for the Jews (early Zionists made exactly that argument), seeing their “nationality” drawn strictly on ethnic/racial lines. Both nations engaged in “ethnic cleansing” to rid themselves of “undesirable” populations. Both viewed their land in “parental” terms (the fatherland/ moledet) as though the land itself gave birth to the people.

    Where I disagree with you: Zionism DOES have tendency for territorial expansion, albeit more restrained. It is also difficult to truly describe Israel as a democracy. Israel does not extend a vast array of civil rights to “conquered peoples,” practices severe censorship and permits a array of open discrimination against individuals and groups based on race, ethnicity and religious observance.

  4. Have people lost their mind?

    Nazi Germany actively and wantonly perpetrated the mass murder of 6-7 million Jews, not to mention a further 3 million homosexuals, Christians, and Political prisoners. Nazi Germany invaded Poland and started World War II. It was a belligerent, racist, bigoted country that systematically wiped out almost all the Jews of Europe. Nazi Germany was a morally repulsive country with no regard to basic human decency and the recognition of basic human freedoms and rights such as the right to life. They regarded Jews as sub-human – worse than animals. The ideology and laws were entirely set up to exterminate the Jews of Europe.

    People might not like the State of Israel, they may not agree with its policies and approach to the Palestinians and the conflict surrounding it. Israel is a democratic, Western, liberal state that was founded by individuals who respected the rule of law and did not hate other groups to the extent that they should be wiped off the face of the planet. To equate Israel with Nazi Germany is purely anti-semitic drivel. Israel has an equivalent ‘bill of rights’, and a supreme court that defends the rights of all groups and minorities, including Palestinians who are not Israeli citizens. Israel has no state-law or state-sponsored system of mass-exterminating the 5 million Palestinians that are found in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Germany created the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” and began to implement it, and tragically murdered 6-7 million Jews. Israel has not systematically murdered anyone. Soldiers, in the course of armed conflict, have killed dozens of militants, bent on destroying Israel and Israelis. Unfortunately, there have been too many civilian casualties, but we are ashamed and appalled by it, and wish it could be undone. Nonetheless, there is no violation of law, and unfortunately, civilians get killed in the course of an armed conflict. That is the reality of war. Palestinians, not one, have never been rounded up, stripped naked and placed into cattle cars, and shipped off to a concentration camp, exterminated with gas, and then have their teeth, and skin extracted for gold and soap and then burned. This is a fact. To suggest otherwise is not just a mistake it is bigoted, racist nonsense, and anyone who suggests even a scintilla of comparison deserves to lose their Academic credentials. I wonder if they would feel the same way if their grandmother was turned to soap. This is not to say that Palestinian people are not going through a tragic difficult time in their narrative. It isn’t Israel that’s the problem. Israel is the solution, the problem is with the Palestinian leadership and the Arab nations that refuse to accept Palestinians and Palestine as a legitimate state. Further, the Arab nations, the Palestinians and their leadership all refuse to accept Israel as a legitimate state. Israel is a UN Member state. It’s the equivalent of them refusing to accept that Poland is a legitimate state. The onus is on them to stop blaming the world for their problems and to realize that Israel and the Jewish people are not moving out, ever.