Bennet Embraces Reform And Conservative Jews


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The recent cabinet decision to freeze the religious status quo at the Kosel has Reform and Conservative Jewry up in arms as it eliminates plans to establish the egalitarian prayer area near the Kosel. Among those speaking out against the decision were Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky and Minister Naftali Bennet, with both expressing fears the decision will further fracture relations between Diaspora Jewry and the State of Israel.

Bennet, who heads the Bayit Hayehudi party, is also Minister of Diaspora Affairs.

Bennet explained on Tuesday 3 Tammuz that American Jews view the decision as a “Slap in the face”, warning it serves to increase the gap between them and the State of Israel.

Using social media, he explains that America Jews feel they were just slapped in the face by the Government of Israel, and the message to them is they are unwelcome.

Bennet adds American Jews are welcome, stating “they are our brothers”.

One official speaking out strongly against the decision is a leader of the US Reform Movement, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, who said, “These decisions simply pushed Diaspora Jews out, delegitimizing those who stand up every day against the BDS, UNESCO resolutions and the delegitimization of Israel.”

Bennet is working hard to explain there is a measure of disinformation involved as well, sending a clear message to Reform and Conservative Jews that he is counted as a friend who is working to grant them a measure of legitimacy in Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Most American Jews could care less or they recognize this brouhaha by the Reform as the power struggle it is ,not as any”slap in the face”.

  2. reform, etc. you are past retirement age, your grandchildren are not Jewish, etc. who are you fighting for? the non-Jewish grandchildren.

  3. Mr Bennett
    Reform=DEFORM, do not negotiate with the enemies of Hashem.
    How dare you say a “slap in the face” to inflame semi-literate Jews. They are our beloved brothers and sisters and we will not allow you nor them to drill a hole in tour ship so it sinks, has v shalom.
    Tell them they are always welcome to pray if they are appropriately dressed, with no tallis or tefillin, nor trousers, nor short tight skirts nor bare arms nor low necklines, nor flashy colors. No Torah scroll in the womens’ section.
    Women and men are separated by a mechitza.

  4. Bennett, chaval. Groveling will unfortunately spell your early political demise. If this is as portrayed. Only potch in ponim is aimed at the kedushat hakotel. The world respects it as it is run now. The Reformist effort is irrelevant especially in Israel, and their goal is nothing more than self aggrandizement.

  5. Why is “diaspora Jewry” limited to just Reform and Conservative? Aren’t there lots of FRUM JEWS in the diaspora? Aside form the statements said above, I have found these headlines humorous…

  6. Bennet just cares about honor and money. Don’t call yourself Jewish if you hug reform people who are further from the basics of Judisim than Cristians
    4 basics
    1- believe in God ,NOT ALL REFORM RABBIS BELIEVE IN GOD!*Google and see for yourself )

  7. To “Reform” and “Conservative,” the Torah is nothing but a “feminist prop.” They don’t fulfill what the Torah says. Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist are not Judaism. They just take most of the Torah’s laws and throw them out the window. They create a non-Jewish religion and just put a “Jewish” label on it. If the Kosel was good enough as it was for all Jews, from 1967 to 1988; why did a foreign-import feminist organization suddenly have to change the rules of prayer?