Rep. Charles Rangel Wins Primary


New York Rep. Charles Rangel has won a primary in his bid for a 22nd term in Congress, defeating Adriano Espaillat and three other competitors despite a recent ethics scandal.

The 82-year-old Democrat won his seat in the House of Representatives in 1970 and won re-election every two years since then. He rose to be chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee and was known to deliver for his constituents.

With more than half the vote in, Rangel held a double-digit lead.

This year was complicated by changing demographics in a redrawn district, strong challengers and lingering clouds from the ethics scandal ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Because Democrats greatly outnumber Republicans in the city, Rangel is expected to win the general election in November.

(Source: MyFoxNY)


  1. “and was known to deliver for his constituents”

    “The voters should feel ashamed of themselves”

    Why? Voters vote for the candidate who brings home the bacon, they could care less how many years he fudged on his tax return.

  2. Who are the morons who keep returning this corrupt dinosaur to Congress? For that matter, who were the morons who kept returning Ted Kennedy, not quite the most responsible chaperone, to the Senate? Ditto for Chucky Schumer. Perhaps SCOTUS should revisit the constitutionality of voter literacy tests.

  3. His predecessor, Adam Clayton Powell, was just like him, but they did deliver for their distrct. That is what kept getting them re-elected.

  4. “Voters vote for the candidate who brings home the bacon,”

    That is why they should be ashamed. They vote for a crook because he will rip off the rest of the country for their benefit. That is corruption.