WATCH: Clueless Chareidi Yeshiva Bochur Says Israel Is Wrong For Installing Har Habayis Metal Detectors



Dr. Gil Yaron interviewed a rather clueless yeshiva bochur from Yerushalayim who made the case Israel is ‘wrong’ for installing metal detectors on the Har Habayis.

The Bochur refused to be convinced otherwise, even when reminded that they were installed in reaction to the vicious murder of two Israeli police officers by Palestinians who hid their weapons in Al-Aqsa Mosque on Har Habayis.


  1. Why is this news?? Since when does a young yeshiva bochur’s opinion carry so muc weight that yeshiva world deems it necessary to provide his opinion . EVEN THOUGH THEY CLAIM THAT HE IS “CLUELESS”???????????

  2. And what do the talmidim at the “yeshiva” this bochur attends use use for brains?? Perhaps we should also defer to the Palestinians to administer all of Yerushalayim . Sadly, this same cluelessness is shared by too many “adults” in positions of responsibility.

  3. A few points:

    1. YWN, you sound like chldren. Grow up and write headlines that sound remotely objective.

    2. Why are you publishing this? If you really think he’s a fool (which is up for debate, contrary to what your headline implies) then isn’t it simple lashon harah to embarks him this way?

    3. The kid looks all of 15 or 16 yrs old. Presumably you did stupid things when you were a teenager too, and you probably wouldn’t appreciate if a grown-up news agency acted like children and plastered your face on their site with a derogatory headline. This is something that I’d expect from a sensationalist tabloid, not from a frum site. Actually, I take that back: even a tabloid would write a remotely impartial headline and let the reader decide if the boy was clueless. And they’d probably have the decency not to do that to a kid too.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves, YWN. To do such a thing on the eve of the Nine Days is just sickening.

  4. Sorry but seems to me the Headline writer is the clueless one, the bachur makes alot of sense and the interviewer had no good answer for him.

  5. not really sure what the point of this is…the guy obviously doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about…its one thing if he gave a good debate and had some some reasoning behind his opinions but nothing he said was backed by any logic whatsoever.dont really understand why this guy would even bother interviewing him.

  6. This Bochum should be seeing a therapist ASAP!

    Then he should get a good dosage of musar for siding with the enemy and not just a plain enemy, an enemy of rotzchim!

    Next time he should take off his Yarmulke!!!!

  7. Fact checking for the headline – 1. He says he is not in Yeshiva but in university. 2. Just because his opinion diverges from the “norm” doesn’t mean he is CLUELESS.

    YWN Why are you shaming someone for his opinion? Worse than any liberal news outlet! You should change you name to Zionist World News.

  8. for all those defending this kids point of view, will someone please explain exactly why he has that point of view because all I heard were thoughts without any actual argument……he says no metal detectors cuz they don’t work, well why don’t they work? if they stop even one person bringing in a weapon and saving one life does that not mean they work? I’m sorry but he just sounded like he had no actual basis except maybe that he heard it from someone else….although I will agree that we should probably not defame the kid….in fact I would probably say that his point of view is the one thing that may or may not be wrong because it’s an opinion but after that id agree with the title.

  9. 1. The “bochur” stated in the video that he is a university student.
    2. The Israeli Security Services (“Shabak”) also opposed installing metal detectors on Har Habayis. This was a dispute between them and the regular police dept.
    I’m wondering who is clueless here.

  10. Att. Be Wise613, don’t you mean “waste” – Not “waist”? You spelled your will mistake 3 times. Be Wise – not otherwise! Then, likely your message, albeit a food one, will carry some wait! If not, just weight off a bit and have someone else to right it four ewe.

  11. In defense of ywn, from the above comments it is apparent that it was important to publicize this video and let Jews realize how much ignorance there is in our communities. We need to take responsibility. He is objectively clueless and he gave consent to have this video taken – at least no protest. He is clueless because at least 75,000 Jews go through metal detectors efficiently for birkat kohanim. And 14,000,000 in mecca. He is clueless because if there is no efficient way we obviously can’t allow anyone through without being checked and risk another attack. He is clueless because he probably never bothered researching his opinions. He is clueless because Jerusalem was annexed by Israel in 1967. It is under full Israeli sovereignty (although sadly not always asserted,) and no one considers giving it to the Arabs. And finally he is clueless because no religious Jew (or anyone with basic legal background which should ideally be the same thing,) can possibly deny our full right to Jerusalem especially the Temple Mount! Even if you hold of the 3 oaths that does not mean it’s not our right! We cannot rely on yeshivot to educate us in every area. We must take personal responsibility. Unfortunately Eretz Yisrael is one area not addressed sufficiently. And hilchot lashon hara. The real problem is a national low self esteem. To allow ourselves to be violated like this. So we feel bad and act and speak bad. This is why we have 9 Av. If we don’t stand up for our own rights how can we stand up for others?

  12. While I wouldn’t agree with him, I don’t think “clueless” is accurate, he seems to know what’s going on. Also “Yeshiva Bochur” is not accurate since he says he is a university student, which also makes me wonder whether “chareidi” is accurate.

    I suggest that YWN tone down the headlines, and let the stories speak for themselves.

  13. I would not watch the video as the headline itself screams of the sin “Motzi shen Ra” on an young bachur which you admit to.
    YWN , you really need to be careful as it is obvious there are some unhinged editors on your staff that need some musar.
    Don’t wait too long to rectify this derech taken because you are edging towards a site that may be deemed “Moshav Leitzim”
    A video apology to the bachur and his family would be a nice start.

    Chodesh Tov.

    Steve A.

  14. Why is he chareidi? Because he’s wearing a white shirt? He says he’s in university, not in yeshiva.

    Not that you can’t be chareidi and go to university but it is uncommon for a chareidi boy to be in university at that age.

  15. Even if there were some news value in posting a conversation like this, the kosher way to do that would be to blur this young man’s image to hide his identity. Embarrasing someone publicly in this way is an egregious aveirah. Whoever imagines that this is permissible is truly clueless.

  16. I sorta agree with TheVoiceOfTruth.
    U can’t write a headline based on your personal opinion “clueless yeshiva bochur”, which is debatable.

  17. i keep seeing people question the clueless part(wether right or wrong for ywn to post that title) I also see people saying his cluelessness is debateable….so will someone please offer a logical side that shows this is actually debatable because I haven’t see one yet..

  18. Thank you YWN for having some common sense and taking a side in this issue.

    There is a good reason for them to take a side because there are many people including commentators here who agree with this guy who happens to be clueless. Some things are right and some things are wrong.
    Tzipor Im sorry if this sounds zionist to you. I guess Tzipor holds that if a Torah View seems Zionist then its no good. Did you clueless people hear any daas Torah claim that installing metal detectors to keep Jews safe is wrong because that is too zionist to do? They did say that Jews should not ascend betumah and risk chiyuv kares. This is a very different issue. Is praying at the Kosel wrong because it is a zionist thing to do?
    And yes it is a clueless thing to claim “kochi veotzem yadi” . We have to appease the Goyim like this and then they wouldn’t kill us. And yes this guy is saying “Kochi veotzem yadi”. And yes this is clueless.
    Veamar hador haacharon me chari haaf hagadol hazeh….
    And those who claim 9 days this is a time that we must join in the pain of the people who were murdered, not blaming it on other stupid things. It is the same persecution that we had from the goyim from the time we became a nation. This is a very important thing to understand during the nine days. Can you imagine what how the wife felt when she left the room and saw here husband murdered. If we have to call someone clueless to bring out this understanding so be it.
    Of course the interviewer didn’t have an answer its not his job to answer its his job to get the interviewee to talk. This wasn’t a debate.

    He starts by claiming that the muslims attack us because they are nervous about us changing the status quo. Later he claims that no one should have control of har habayis and everyone should be able to pray there. Try telling this to the waqf management. The status quo that they are talking is keeping har habayis in Jordanian control and only muslims could pray there. This shows how clueless he is.

  19. To Reb Yid…I would hope anyone with a high school education would be able to understand both the purpose of metal detectors and their capability to screen out some or all weapons. What does he think they do at the airport…..Yes, the crowds are larger but obivoiusly they are better than not having any screeing tools. Not sure why you think only a member of the media could understand this.

  20. I’m not saying only a member of the media should understand this. I’m saying it’s not a big deal if some random kid doesn’t and disagrees with your opinion and/or has poor speaking skills. If he were running for an elected office or working as a journalist, it would make sense to mock him or be upset by his words, but he’s not. He’s still just some random kid with an opinion you disagree with.

  21. I’m waiting for all the wise commenters to criticize the holy govt. that decided — as expected — to remove the metal detectors. I guess Bibi isn’t a real zionist after all.

  22. American yerushalmi
    Your right to criticize Bibi it also makes me angry. I wasnt really expecting anything better from him.
    How about coming to conclusions that make sense not because they are zionist or anti zionist.