The Waqf Knows If Israel Gives A Finger, It Can Get A Hand


Waqf Authority officials are celebrating their victory, the removal of the metal detectors from Har Habayis. However, despite this, the authority is forbidding its people from returning to Har Habayis as it is not done making demands of Israel.

The Waqf is demanding Israel open all the gates leading to Har Habayis, while today two gates are opened to Muslim and one to other visitors. Waqf officials met following Israel’s announcement that the metal detectors would be removed, and decided that despite Israel acquiescing to demands, it would not permit Waqf representatives to return to their position, announcing the ban on Muslims visiting for prayer remains until further notice.

According to Arab media reports, the Jerusalem Mufti participated in the meeting where the decision was made, seeking to pressure Israel into additional concessions pertaining to Har Habayis before returning to business as usual.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I am totally disappointed in Netenyahu’s handling of this crises.

    Next election I predict that he will be out to either Libermann, Lapid or Bennett.