KJ School Board Adds Over 200 Acres To District


The following is via MidHudsonNews:

The Kiryas Joel School Board passed a resolution which alters the boundaries of the school district by an additional 220 acres, in order to remain coterminous with the proposed Town of Palm Tree. The resolution, passed by a unanimous vote, states that “the boundary alteration would be in the best educational interests of children, would support community relationships and would not have a significant fiscal effect.”

Working with officials from the Village of Kiryas Joel, the Town of Monroe, the Monroe-Woodbury School District and the County Office of Real Property, the Kiryas Joel School District established a Boundary Alteration Committee to gather data and research the potential impacts. Joel Petlin, Kiryas Joel School Superintendent, said that “the Committee worked hard to obtain accurate information to assist the Board in making its decision.”

Petlin also praised the parties that worked together on a settlement to end pending litigation, by the creation of a new Town of Palm Tree.

“Through dialogue and compromise, an agreement was forged to protect the interest of the citizens of Monroe and Kiryas Joel,” Petlin said “The Kiryas Joel School District is proud to have participated in this important process, protecting students and parents in both communities.”

The Board Resolution, along with the resolution passed by the Monroe-Woodbury School District, will be delivered to the BOCES District Superintendent, as required under the law. The effective date of the boundary alteration will be the July 1st following the establishment of the Town of Palm Tree.

(Source: MidHudsonNews)