Penn Station Commuters Say ‘Summer Of Hell’ Wasn’t That Bad

Commuter trains in Penn Station, in part of a complex of tracks that Amtrak repaired this summer

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It was billed as the “summer of hell.” Thankfully, it was more like the summer of “meh.”

Amtrak wrapped up an extensive summertime track repair project at New York’s Penn Station on Thursday that officials had warned could create an infernal bottleneck in the nation’s busiest rail hub.

Predictions back in the spring couldn’t have been more dire.

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told people to brace themselves for a “summer of hell.”

But now that the repairs have been completed, many rail riders say their commutes have been surprisingly fine.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority says the Long Island Rail Road’s on-time percentage in July was better than last year, and better than any other month to date in 2017.

Normal service resumes Tuesday.