Major Siyum HaShas in Yerushalayim Tuesday Night


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A major Siyum HaShas is set for tonight, Tuesday, 12 Menachem Av 5772 in Yerushalayim’s Maalot Daphne neighborhood in the presence of Maran V’Rabbanan Gedolei Yisrael Shlita. Doors open at 17:30 and mincha is scheduled for 19:15 following which the khal will recite tehillim, posuk by posuk for yeshuos yisrael. Doors will close at 19:30, at which time the event will get underway.

After the opening words, the siyum of the 12th cycle of shas will take place followed by the beginning of the 13th cycle. א-ל מלא רחמים will be recited for the founder of daf yomi HaGaon HaRav Meir Shapira ZT”L of Lublin, the six million kedoshim of the Holocaust HY”D, and the many who learned daf yomi and are no longer among us, those who died since the start of daf yomi on Rosh Hashanah תרפ”ד.

There will also be musical entertainment and addresses by gedolei yisrael shlita.


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