Chabad Elad Purchasing One Esrog For The Entire Kehilla


This story is somewhat reminiscent of the past, when a kehilla purchased one esrog for the entire community. However, in this case, the story is now, and it takes place in the Chabad community of Elad, which decided to buy one esrog due to the extreme cost of a Calabria esrog this year.

As was reported by YWN-ISRAEL, harsh cold in Italy has all but destroyed the crop, leaving few esrogim available – making them quite costly. This is most significant for Chabad Chassidim in particular, as many of them prefer this esrog, which grows in Italy, but this year, it may only be an option for those few capable of paying large sums.

As such, the Mora D’asra of Chabad Elad, Rabbi Schneur Zalman Yuroslovsky has decided the kehilla will purchase one esrog for the shul, and everyone in the kehilla will contribute towards paying for it. The notice circulated among the kehilla reads:

כעת הרב המד”א שליט”א, מאחר ואתרוגי הקלבריה יקרים במיוחד השנה, רכשנו עבור בית הכנסת “בית מנחם” אתרוג קלאבריה מהודר, שנבדק ואושר על ידי הרב”. כי האתרוג יהיה בבית הכנסת במשך כל החג וכל אחד יוכל לברך עליו.

The rav explains those who contribute 25 shekels will be able to fulfill the mitzvah of ‘ולקחתם לכם’ in a hiddur fashion by becoming a partner in this esrog which will remain in the shul during Yomtov.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. And what is wrong with other esrogim that meet the requirements of Halacha? Presumably, many chabadniks who travel or cannot get to the shul every day will purchase something else.

  2. I hope this is only as an additional esrog, to everyone’s.
    Why wouldn’t they use Kfar Chabad ones? Supposedly, they are originally planted from the same Yanev seeds.

  3. Without knowing anything about this shul, I am pretty sure that the mispallelim will, in addition to this communal yaniver, get themselves a different set upon which to make the brocho.