Peleg Protests to Continue on Wednesday


Peleg Yerushalmi officials are announcing Wednesday morning 28 Tishrei that protests will continue this afternoon and evening for a third consecutive day.

According to Rabbi Menachem Carmel, who spoke to Kol Berama Radio on Wednesday morning, “For as long as they continue to arrest our boys and harm our way of life, for all we wish to do is to sit and learn, then we will do whatever we can to have them released. We will get out and express out outrage, as is permitted in a democratic country”.

Anyone raising a hand to an officer or throwing something, will not receive legal assistance if required. This is clear to all as the rabbonim do not sanction violence, but are calling for passive resistance including the closing of roads.

HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L was a full partner with us regarding IDF recruitment and I am quite certain he would join our call to close streets today.

Kol Berama Noam Zeigman: I am not certain regarding Rav Ovadia, as I do not recall that he ever called for such action during his lifetime.

What about all those who are delayed and inconvenienced. Do you think this advances your cause?

Rabbi Carmel: Two boys were arrested. Our talmidim are aware that will be continue doing whatever required to have them and others released and for as long as the authorities continue to arrest our talmidim, the protests will continue. There will be no compromise. Yes, we do not have 200,000, but we will have 50,000. We are a respectable number will yeshivos and kollels. This is not about money or elections, but about our desire to be left alone, permitted to sit and learn and we will not tolerate these arrests and therefore, we will continue protesting. This is a religious war and in a religious war, there is no winning!

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I love when the Peleg people leave out a simple fact: the Gadol Hador said to fill out the deferment form and they refuse. They are creating machlokes against the wishes of the Gado Hador. Sign the paper, sit and learn. Don’t sign the form, go to jail. It’s not complicated.