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Women Of The Wall’s Tale Of A Chareidi Man Armed With A Commando Knife Appears To Be A Myth

The veteran and regular mispallalim at the Kosel have become accustomed to seeing the humiliating phenomenon every rosh chodesh when Women of the Wall gather at the Kosel and make their regular provocation in order to win the monthly ratings.

On this past Sunday, for Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, the women increased their number and issued a statement saying that “the security guards at the Kosel succeeded in apprehending a chareidi man who tried to enter the Kosel Plaza with a commando knife.”

Anat Hoffman, head of the organization, also warned that “the inscription is on the wall and that in light of the incitement against the Women of the Wall, it will end in bloodshed.” She notes that “the Kosel arrangement is the only solution acceptable to all, and the government must act to implement it.”

The Movement for a Jewish Democratic State decided to check the information with the police and demanded details about the incident, but to their surprise they were told that “the incident described is unfamiliar to them.”

The movement accused “the chairwoman of the Women of the Wall, Anat Hoffman, of doing everything in order to incite the Jewish population against one another and using the warm and non-objective embrace of the media. This time Hoffman decided to invent a story that never existed about a chareidi young man who tried to murder them at the Kosel following the incitement against the Women of the Wall.”

“The only incitement we see is Hoffmann’s incitement and the lies that it spreads to the citizens of Israel to the world’s Jews in order to pressure the Israeli government to approve the outline for the Kosel… The use of boycotts, threats and blood libels is improper and must be condemned completely.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. …and why cant they take a plain printed bible…where does it state it has to be parchment,handwitten etc etcc with hundres laws , if they dont believe in oral law? (not that they believe in divine relevation either)

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