MDA Dedicates New Vehicles Including A Medi-Cycle In One In Memory Of Terror Victim Nachshon Wachsman HY’D


The ceremony for the launch of a MDA Medicycle in memory of IDF soldier Nachshon Waxman HY”D, who was murdered 23 years ago, will take place at Safra Square in Jerusalem on Sunday at 16:00.

The Medicycle was donated by his family to the MDA station in Jerusalem, in which Nachshon volunteered as a youth. In additional motorcycles and Medicycles were donated to MDA through donations collected by the Friends of MDA in the world and the Friends of MDA in Israel

At the end of last week, some 65 heads of Friends of MDA from around the world landed in Israel to participate in the IMDAC conference – the annual conference of Friends of MDA from the world. On Sunday, 9 Cheshvan, a ceremony at Safra Square, is expected to be attended by dozens of participants, and will be attended by Mayor Nir Barkat, parents of Nachshon Esther and Yehuda Waxman, MDA Director General Eli Bin, MDA President Avi Zohar, Chairman of IMDAC 2017 Mr. Gershon Tripol, Director General of the Friends of MDA in Israel, Mrs. Orly Ariel and representatives of donors from around the world.

During the event, an ambulance and 28 MDA motorbikes will be dedicated towards improving and streamlining MDA response time to save lives throughout the area.

In addition, an emergency motorcycle donated to the MDA station in Jerusalem will be donated by the family of the late soldier Nachshon Waxman HY”D, who as a youth volunteered at the station. His kidnapping led to national unity as well as achdus worldwide and many Jewish homes around the globe took in Shabbos early and lit a candle for the soldier and did other mitzvos on his behalf.

A Sayeret Matkal team charged the terrorist’s home where the soldier was held and beaten, leading to the death of the leader of the assault team, Captain Nir Poraz HY”D. Nine members of the commando team were wounded.

The raid took place on Friday, October 14th, at about 8:00pm, in line with the deadline set by terrorists.

The event will take place at the memorial service for Waxman, who was kidnapped and murdered during his military service just 23 years ago and brutally murdered by terrorists in Bir Nabala.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)